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  1. Manramsclan

    Red Sox possibly sign Yuli Gurriel (to be determined)

    Anyone signing him is looking for the dead cat bounce. Likely that he is cooked but short enough money that if he is productive it's worth it. Another value signing. Personally I would not like to have him because of the aforementioned mocking of Yu Darvish. Not to mention the upside is...
  2. Manramsclan

    Red Sox sign Justin Turner

    This is sacrilege. Pedroia was way more important to the Red Sox than Justin Turner ever was for the Dodgers.
  3. Manramsclan

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    This aged poorly on both counts. Sox involved but Drury took less money to reunite with Phil Nevin and play in SoCal.
  4. Manramsclan

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    RE: Correa If I recall correctly often there is language added to the contract usually related to whatever it is they found during the physical. Such as, if the player loses 175 games to Achilles injury over the first 4 years of the contract then the rest is voided or reduced. If anything...
  5. Manramsclan

    Should the Red Sox sign Dansby Swanson?

    I'm in the "Free Agent money to non-superstars" is bad business. I think it's less risky to sign Correa for a 10/$300M deal than Swanson at 8/$200 and the former has a great deal of risk.
  6. Manramsclan

    Correa or Bust, or, How Much is that SS in the Window, the One With the Questionable Back?

    Offer him $360 M for 10 years. To me, that's the only way this team stays competitive for the next 5 years. Once the first wave of Bloom's prospects hit the Sox will then hopefully have more than one spot at the league minimum. If those prospects don't pan out, he team will be terrible anyway...
  7. Manramsclan

    Poll: Rate Your Faith in the Red Sox Front Office

    I was cautiously optimistic for a long time. Even though the Mookie trade hurt immensely I understood the thought process behind it. I was patient as they built the pipeline instead of focusing on Major League talent. I even gave them the benefit of the doubt throughout the terrible beginning of...
  8. Manramsclan

    How interested are you in the Red Sox at this point?

    Extremely interested. Extremely upset.
  9. Manramsclan

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    And I would add, players signing here for the most money when they aren't all in on playing in this environment has been a disaster.
  10. Manramsclan

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    I don't think it is a non-issue, but I would guess that it is one of a combination of things in this case. Also, the difference is hardly insurmountable. All it would take is a marginal raise on the offer. While it would be difficult to make that raise on the face of it so that a team isn't out...
  11. Manramsclan

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    View: Rafael Devers aspires to reach $300 MM, and little by little the #RedSox have been getting closer. TODAY, the difference is around $50 MM. Conversations are still flowing...
  12. Manramsclan

    What does 2023 look like?

    Groundhog day in here. No one cares about Henry's money. What I do care about is spending $300 million on an aging pitcher for two good seasons, and then spending the next 6 seasons paying that pitcher to barely play somewhere else with our once in a lifetime superstar talent that we had to...
  13. Manramsclan

    Xander Bogaerts has opted out of his contract

    Tough variable choices here ;). "Why move X to second base?" I think your point is spot on. Especially with the new shift rules, having a very athletic 2B will be a huge advantage. There isn't a likely combination that won't weaken both SS and 2B by moving Story to SS and replacing him with...
  14. Manramsclan

    Jason Varitek remains with the organization on a 3-year contract

    I don't think you are far out there with this. Being bilingual in today's game is huge. Also, I loved Tek and thought he deserved the captainship. I do, however, remember some talk about him not being ingratiating to rookies and younger players and even one instance of a player being quoted...
  15. Manramsclan

    Gitter done, Theo: let's put all our dumb I mean brilliant trade suggestions in this thread

    He was only slightly above average offensively though this season (107 OPS+). He made some swing changes in the offseason to catch up to higher velocity but I don't think there is much more improvement there. San Diego infield is so stacked that there is a growing sense that Tatis will play...
  16. Manramsclan

    Red sox and Devers discussing a 7 year deal?

    Can we please stop with this argument? No one is "concerned about John Henry's checkbook". People are concerned about building a winning team and a healthy organization that contends more often than not. The current CBA penalties are more than just monetary, and the penalties get worse the...
  17. Manramsclan

    40-man Turnover Prediction Thread

    Bazardo officially elects Free Agency EDIT: Jake Reed claimed off waivers from Orioles last week which necessitated this move.
  18. Manramsclan

    (t)PSRT - (temporary) Post-Season Rooting Transference

    If you watched him everyday he would change your mind. It took 5 years for me because Dustin is my favorite but he is incredible to watch on offense and defense. If you love baseball it's hard not to root for him. San Diego was an easy pick for me. I live here now, and my wife is a...
  19. Manramsclan

    Triston Casas promoted, Bobby Dalbec demoted

    I love your optimism and I agree about everything through Devers. If the Red Sox are starting two below league average hitters at DH, regardless of platoon advantage, that would be actual malpractice.