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    Red Sox to have fans at Fenway to start 2021

    Yeah, there is, oddly, no re-sale market for these Spring games. Tickets sold in a flash, but it seems nobody wants to buy them in the secondary market. FWIW I attended the Sox/Twins Spring Training opener on Sunday. FWIW, I thought they did a pretty good job of spacing out the seats and the...
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    Problems logging in

    Thanks Lose and Sumner for the quick help!
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    Green Fields of the Mind

    Even Castiglione was too amped to read it with his usual reverence at the end of the WEEI postgame show. Still a great tradition, and it's sad to see this awesome season end, but what an awesome season it was...
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    University of Minnesota thread KSTP in Minneapolis obtained. and has published a redacted copy of, the UM's internal report. It's a long read, but gives you a good sense of what they found that led to this decision.
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    ALDS: Indians vs Red Sox

    There's also the complication that on Sunday the Ravens host the Redskins at M&T Park in Baltimore, which will be a huge game and the Inner Harbor area is going to be a zoo already. If the Orioles win the Play-In Game, do they/MLB want the Game 3 at Camden Yards to start just as the Ravens...
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    Shopping for Shopping

    Magento is very popular commerce platform and they offer a product called Magento Go, which is a turn-key storefront hosted by Magento. I've not used it personally, but it seems to hit a lot of your desired features. That said, while they support multiple payment...
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    Ring ring ring ring ring...Jeff Besos Phone.

    I agree, the AT&T exclusivity is disappointing, and limits the appeal of the phone.   I do expect that they'll announce a data plan where data consumed using Amazon Prime services isn't counted against your monthly data limit.  Perhaps other carriers didn't want to play with that data pricing model.
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    Joe Posnanski: Lord of Lists
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    Is a Windows Phone worth it?

    WP is a pretty decent OS and has some worthwhile innovations. Live Tiles can be great, but are not a substitute for a notification center, which is sorely lacking, though on the roadmap for the next OS release.   The depth or quality of commercial apps on Windows phone doesn't yet compare to iOS...