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  1. Dummy Hoy

    Everything is Awful

    So A few days ago in another thread I was able to express some of my feelings (that I'm sure many people share) about the state of this World Cup: I thought it would be good to have a thread to document the issues with this tournament and collect articles and information on the real world...
  2. Dummy Hoy

    All the rest of us plebs

    Appreciate @Stanley Steamer offering to share message board space with the unwashed, but we don't deserve that. I hadn't really planned on starting this thread this year but I guess we need something for everyone else to ignore. If you really want to see them, ifollow live streams almost all...
  3. Dummy Hoy

    Off-season Game Thread 2022

    The off-season thread always gets so hasty and full of aggressive blame. I just like hanging out with you guys. Really hoping Bergy comes back. Gun to head I think it's 50/50...the biggest clue for me that he's leaving has been the rush from journos to repeatedly emphasize that he could retire...
  4. Dummy Hoy

    R1 G1 @Hurricanes

    I got to be honest, as a coach I'm not one for the big locker room speech. I try to get in the room about 1/2 hour before game time and make sure everyone is present and getting ready. With about 10 minutes to go I'll outline 3 things that I want to see from the team- 3 things we need to focus...
  5. Dummy Hoy

    At MST

    Sorry boys, been a long day. Eliot Friedman blah blah blah
  6. Dummy Hoy

    At CGO

    Keeping the spirit of Eliot Friedman alive. I'm not sure I want to pass Toronto (as funny as that would be). Drawing the Lightning then Panthers seems tougher than Hurricanes then Beatable Team.
  7. Dummy Hoy

    V. AZN

    Just keeping Eliot Friedman on notice. Coyotes been an offensive juggernaut recently, gotta shut 5hem down.
  8. Dummy Hoy

    V. CBH

    I think I'm still up on game thread duties given it was an OT loss...if not, someone else needs to step up and then let this die on the vine. Eliot Friedman would be proud of this one.
  9. Dummy Hoy

    V. LSA

    Just trying to make Eliot Friedman proud. Back home for a few games against a bunch of benders...picking up 6 points this week would be big and should be doable.
  10. Dummy Hoy

    At CLJ

    Just trying to make Eliot Friedman proud. just got back from hockey/the bar…I may have forgotten to start this thread later, so I was pleased it was after midnight.
  11. Dummy Hoy

    At LSV

    Just trying to make Eliot Friedman proud. Game tonight, no one had a thread, and I’m usually good for a start a year. I’m going to a HS playoff game from 7-9, looking forward to having more hockey when I come home. Who will be in the house? PSK- you still on the road?
  12. Dummy Hoy

    The Bummock: League One and Below

    Goal is to get this thread to a second page. We'll see. It may make it as a dumping ground for all lower league news... Our heroes in Blue and White did a masterful job of clearing the decks of a sinking ship and thanks to Darren Moore's efforts have brought in 13 players who will feature for...
  13. Dummy Hoy

    Euro 2020 Day 11 Game Thread: Group B

    Russia v. Denmark at Copenhagen Finland v. Belgium at St. Petersburg Looks to me like a Denmark win and a Belgium win could get the Danes through Edit: Actually, I think the H2H win for the Finns over the Denmark would put them ahead, regardless of overall GD Tiebreakers
  14. Dummy Hoy

    Euro 2020 Day 8 Game Thread: Bannockburn

    Sweden v. Slovakia at 9:00 Croatia v. Czech Republic at 12:00 Scotland v. England at 3:00 (all times EST)
  15. Dummy Hoy

    Euro 2020 Day 7 Game Thread: Belgium v. The World

    North Macedonia v. Ukraine in Bucharest at 9:00 EST Belgium v. Denmark in Copenhagen at 12:00 EST (Everyone and their mother rooting for this Danish side today I assume) Netherlands v. Austria in Amsterdam 3:00 EST
  16. Dummy Hoy

    Euro 2020 Day 6 Game Thread: Second Round Begins

    Close friends Finland and Russia face off at 9, Wales and Turkey with a big game at 12:00, and the Swiss try to slow the Italians down at 3:00
  17. Dummy Hoy

    Euro 2020 Day 4 Game Thread: Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye

    The Scottish National Team has an Hono(u)r Roll for all players with 50+ caps for country. Andy Robertson is 5 away. Be a joy to see him get it this tournament. My second block class today will be watching Scotland v. Czechia Czech Republic. edit: Nuances of the 21st century
  18. Dummy Hoy

    Euro 2020 day 2 game thread: Waiting for Lukaku

    I’m running to the grocery store, sporting my red Kompany jersey, gonna miss the Wales game unfortunately.
  19. Dummy Hoy

    Offseason Game Thread

  20. Dummy Hoy

    These guys again?

    Feels like it's been a while since we've seen Tanker HC. I don't like them.