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  1. Lupe Whalewatch

    11/23 -- Bruins @ Panthers

    It's wild it happened three times in the same game, but I thought all three were the correct call.
  2. Lupe Whalewatch

    2022-23 Bruins Season

    Sorry if this was posted elsewhere, but the Bergeron interview on the 32 thoughts podcast is a must listen.
  3. Lupe Whalewatch

    11/3 Grz & Hall. Bruins @ Rangers.

    It 100% beat him short side.
  4. Lupe Whalewatch

    11/3 Grz & Hall. Bruins @ Rangers.

    Has coverage started yet? I'm in ESPN + for the first time and it says it hasn't started yet, even though it says coverage starts at 7Pm. I cannot wait to cancel this in 3 hours.
  5. Lupe Whalewatch

    October game thread

    A question I never thought I'd ask a few years ago, does Phil Kessel belong in the Hall of Fame?
  6. Lupe Whalewatch

    10/22 Matt & Hampus. Bruins v. Wild

    No high stick on a follow through of shot or pass. No penalty
  7. Lupe Whalewatch

    10/12 - We Doing This? @ Washington

    My 2012 goalie stops that shot.
  8. Lupe Whalewatch

    2022 PGA Tour

    Pretty misleading article. It says under their new alliance with MENA, world ranking points are subject to ratification by OWGR board. Maybe they get approval, but they haven't yet. Even if they do, the points will be miniscule.
  9. Lupe Whalewatch

    2022 Presidents Cup

    Did they do this for the sole purpose of making all the par 3's even numbered holes, giving advantages to great iron players like Morikawa? I'd be curious to hear what else went into that decision, as I've always thought original 18, now 15 was an excellent finishing hole.
  10. Lupe Whalewatch

    World Juniors

    Pretty poor effort last night for the US, getting outplayed and beaten by Czechia to finish without a medal. The team seriously lacked the high end talent of prior years.
  11. Lupe Whalewatch

    SoSH Golf, 2022

    Fun track-I've played there a bunch. When did it stop being called Carnegie Abbey??
  12. Lupe Whalewatch

    World Juniors

    I watched the first two periods of the US game and had seen enough. Really not much to take away from that game-the Germans had nothing. They didn't get their first shot until 13 or so minutes in. Finishing seemed to be an issue for USA. The German goalie made some nice saves, but also let in...
  13. Lupe Whalewatch

    2022 PGA Tour

    I heard his number was $120mil
  14. Lupe Whalewatch

    2022 Offseason

    I like this as well. I have a feeling they try and give the kid a look next year.
  15. Lupe Whalewatch

    2022 Offseason

    Weird, that could have been my absolute peak of watching the Bruins, and I have no recollection of that guy.
  16. Lupe Whalewatch

    2022 US Open (Golf) - The Country Club in South Brookline, MA

    I thought I read somewhere the last hour will be commercial free
  17. Lupe Whalewatch

    2022 US Open (Golf) - The Country Club in South Brookline, MA

    Rory's drive on 18 would normally be OB there. His TIO relief there was a joke
  18. Lupe Whalewatch

    2022 US Open (Golf) - The Country Club in South Brookline, MA

    I'll be headed in tomorrow as well. I'm coming from the south shore, and trying to figure out the best/easiest way to get there. My original plan was to drive to my inlaw's place right across rt 9 and walk the remaining 1.5 miles, but does anybody know if driving to one of the T parking lots and...
  19. Lupe Whalewatch

    2022 PGA Tour

    The thing to be concerned about is they basically have unlimited money to throw at players. If this thing gets a little momentum and more players jump ship, it could create some issues for the tour. My guess is there are a handful of players watching how this all shakes out before deciding their...