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  1. BostonFanInCanesLand

    11/5 Grz & Foligno. Bruins @ Leafs.

    Next up, Toronto. Who’s excited? I had a long rant teed up about who was less relevant, the Habs or the Leafs. But right now neither is relevant. Right now the Bruin’s opponent is immaterial. The Bruins are an electric, joyous, look-what-they-did-this-time, unstoppable buzzsaw. Do you...
  2. BostonFanInCanesLand

    11/3 Grz & Hall. Bruins @ Rangers.

    HAMPUS. Yep the Bruins took us on a magical mystery tour on that last win. Roaring back from 2-5, Hall batting the puck down and tying it with the goalie on the bench, killing off a penalty in OT, Ullmark yanked, Swayman holding the line and then hobbling off, Ullmark the triumphant return...
  3. BostonFanInCanesLand

    11/1 Grz & Marchand. Bruins @ Penguins.

    The Bruins took care of business in Columbus. Marchand is back (back again). And he’s on the attack, as this picture of Foligno shows: The team is loose and having fun. Krejci and McAvoy are with the team on the roadtrip (Neither one is supposed to play against either Pitt or NYR but who...
  4. BostonFanInCanesLand

    10/28 Grz & Zacha. Bruins @ Bluejackets

    The Bruins are buzzing right now. 4-0 on the homestand. 7-1 on the year. 14 goal scorers so far (Nosek and shuttle-rider Lauko are the only forwards yet to light the lamp). Exciting in offensive end, energetic in the neutral zone, a developing scene in the back-end. Goalies becoming calm...
  5. BostonFanInCanesLand

    10/27 Grz and Bergy. Bruins v. Redwings.

    Game 4 for Grz. Having dispensed with the new and old stars Grz and Bergy lead the Bs in an original 6 tilt. It is an unparalleled pleasure to watch Captain Patrice out on the ice always in position, always making the right decision. The Bs are gelling with Montgomery’s style and you can see...
  6. BostonFanInCanesLand

    10/25 Grz & Greer. Bruins v. Stars.

    Third game of the season for Grzelyck. What’s old is new again. After beating the new old stars the Bruins take on the old new stars. It doesn’t matter what iteration the Bs face - the home team is feeling it. Speaking of threes, the Bruins have knocked out the trifecta of wins, regulation...
  7. BostonFanInCanesLand

    10/22 Matt & Hampus. Bruins v. Wild

    Fresh off his first game victory Grz is ensconced on the first pair. We don’t know who’s in the net yet but whomever it is, I’m sure that they’ll have earned a hug. Smith’s back on 3L ready to join the balanced scoring parade. Score early, score often. The Wild won their first game last...
  8. BostonFanInCanesLand

    10/20 Grz, Pooh, and Studnicka too. Bruins v. Ducks

    Grzelcyk is back in the lineup. Studnicka in at 3C. Stralman still somewhere over the border. The new Pooh jersey was introduced too (you’ll have to wait a bit to see it on the ice). Lots to like (well, not so much the new Pooh jersey). Score early, score often. Beat the Ducks (Montgomery...
  9. BostonFanInCanesLand

    5/11 Hallt and Catch Fire. Regular Season finale part 2. At W@$# (Current home of F#ck T** W*****)

    Taylor Hall is pretty good at this hockey thing. And he seems to like it in Boston. So let’s keep a good thing going. The Bruins play the team from the district tonight in a game that has little purpose. It does, however, mark the beginning of the end for Washington. Why? Simply put...
  10. BostonFanInCanesLand

    5/10 Hall of a way to end the regular season, part 1. Home finale vs. NYI.

    The playoffs await. What better time for Kase to break the seal and score his first goal as a Bruin? It’s time to smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em. Win please. Oh, and stay healthy!