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  1. MuzzyField

    Taxes and Cap Hits and CBAs (oh my!)

    From a tax standpoint what is the Florida effect compared to Toronto, Detroit or Boston? Is 8.5 closer to 10?
  2. MuzzyField

    Apple iPhone 5 Battery AND Sleep Button Replacement Programs

    Hi,   For those of you still using the iPhone 5... you may be able to extend it's life if your phone's serial number is part of the battery and/or sleep button replacement program.   When I first posted about the battery program last year, I had already replaced it myself and wasn't eligible to...
  3. MuzzyField

    RSN Baseball Ratings are Dominating the Summer. link to tweet
  4. MuzzyField

    The Red Sox Way!

    The micro view is exceptionally expressed here, but I believe this organizations problem to be a macro in nature. I sure have no idea how to solve it, but I'm pretty sure firing the manager isn't going to fix this. Oh, and he should be fired, he's earned it. Tito's departure is currently my...
  5. MuzzyField

    Michael Kay unloads on "Fatso" Francesa

    Kay took a big swing at the Pope of sports radio.
  6. MuzzyField

    Apple iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

    Do you have an iPhone 5 that likes to call it a day with 30% battery life still indicated? Help is on the way!   With weeks to spare before the iPhone 6 arrives and 2-yr commitments expire, Apple is addressing this well documented problem.  Well played!   If you already had the battery replace...
  7. MuzzyField

    A new face for NESN

    As a bonus, she can handle traffic duties at future championship parades.