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  1. pappymojo

    OK, I am going to ask the question: Has BB lost his fastball?

    This team is fundamentally broken, but I'm strangely okay with it. Finish out the season working on getting better and helping the youngsters to learn. Earn a good draft slot and open up salary going into Mac's third year. Last year, the Patriots were 10-7 and they probably overperformed...
  2. pappymojo

    Week 10 Game Thread

    For all their free agent signings and changes, the AFC West blows - not counting the Chiefs, of course.
  3. pappymojo

    AFC Playoff Chase

    I would say the Chargers and Colts are in the tier 5 and the Browns, Broncos, Raiders, Steelers, Jaguars, and Texans are all in the tier 6 (yuck).
  4. pappymojo

    Pro-Bowl RB Christian McCaffrey to the San Francisco 49er

    Patriots have the Panthers 3rd and 6th round picks. This is great for us.
  5. pappymojo

    Week 5 Gamethread

    Which fan base is more disappointed right now? The Colts or the Broncos? Got to be the Broncos fans, right?
  6. pappymojo

    Week 3: Ratbirds at Pats

    My family got a puppy. It was my wife’s idea but my wife has high anxiety and is having trouble with the decision to get a dog. Last night I slept on the sofa next to the pupper. She’s housebroken and woke me at 5 to pee. Never fell back asleep. We had signed up for doggie kindergarten...
  7. pappymojo

    Week 1 Game Thread

    The Broncos should just hand it off to Gordon and run straight up the middle.
  8. pappymojo

    Week 1 Game Thread

    The curse of Halloween. He kills himself only to wake up a week before October 31st. Only by killing Jamie Lee Curtis can he end the cycle.
  9. pappymojo

    Brett Favre: Welfare Recipient

    Think this may have been meant for the thread for shitting on Joe Namath.
  10. pappymojo

    Brett Favre: Welfare Recipient

    I always got a kick out of the fact that they made Favre look like a lecherous turd before the world really knew he was a lecherous turd. Now, if only they had him stealing money in some stupid plan to win over Mary's heart as well.
  11. pappymojo

    SoSH Golf, 2022

    Any suggestions for courses within an hour of Boston (ideally west of Boston on 495) that rent clubs for 10 year old kids and that have a clubhouse with outdoor seating for a burger and lemonade afterwards?
  12. pappymojo

    NESN to offer standalone streaming service for games (IN MARKET)

    Gut reactions: 1) Seems very expensive 2) 8 tickets to any game?
  13. pappymojo

    OK, I am going to ask the question: Has BB lost his fastball?

    I would argue that Belichick, the coach, is so good that he really makes it hard for Belichick, the GM. I would say last year’s team (10-7) was right in that middle class of good, if flawed, teams (Colts (9-8), Ravens (8-9), Steelers (9-7-1), Raiders (10-7), Browns (8-9), Dolphins (9-8)...
  14. pappymojo

    Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton

    it’s easy work now, but it wasn’t easy when he started.
  15. pappymojo

    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 2

    Still lots of very talented players available. Hoping for at least two impact players on defense tonight.
  16. pappymojo

    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 1

    Seems strange to trust Bill to find guards late while also not trusting him to grade guards appropriately when he drafts one early.
  17. pappymojo

    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 1

    sometimes It’s like the game is being broadcast on 3 different networks and one cuts to commercial.
  18. pappymojo

    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 1

    Here's a list from Pats Pulpit: Travis Jones not listed.
  19. pappymojo

    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 1

    I look at this draft as a brother to next year’s off season. They could do everything right this draft and still end up with a worse record next year, and I will be okay with that. As long as they are getting good players at core positions and their young players grow, we will be okay. Next...