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  1. maxotaur

    If You Post In This Thread Or Even Follow It You're Not A PInk Hat

    Wake me in time for the '27 season. It's difficult to imagine this congealed mess becoming something useful before then.
  2. maxotaur

    Pivetta’s Return to (Poor) Form

    I am seriously wondering about this. For this guy to emerge from years of mediocrity to suddenly become Barry Bonds at age 36. If its natural then kudos but...
  3. maxotaur

    Eovaldi’s Return

    We've always loved you Bobby.
  4. maxotaur

    711 .-.. . - .----. ... / --. --- / - --- / - .... . / - .-. --- .--.

    A feeling I get about Cora a little too often. I am probably wrong in ascribing that to him but it sure would be nice if I got that feeling less often.
  5. maxotaur

    711 .-.. . - .----. ... / --. --- / - --- / - .... . / - .-. --- .--.

    I meant to imply the whole gestalt of that disaster, but with Valdez at the helm. He is not responsible for most of that. That being said I never like seeing him enter a game. He came in with a 5.00 era and actually lowered it during that fiasco. He doesn't inspire confidence. He teammates just...
  6. maxotaur

    7/10 .- / -. . .-- / .... --- .--. .?

    Water. The giver of life.
  7. maxotaur

    7/10 .- / -. . .-- / .... --- .--. .?

    This is just wonderful.
  8. maxotaur

    Sox hosting the eventually Montreal Expos

    Making him throw a ton of pitches
  9. maxotaur

    Only One Bad Apple

    If only Bloom cared about pitching after the 5th inning.
  10. maxotaur

    Cinco de Mayo at 1:35PM - Ohtani (maybe) and the Angels vs. Dick Mountain

    Well one of these teams is really easy to root for.
  11. maxotaur

    Grade the Red Sox trade deadline

    No, but I wish they had.
  12. maxotaur

    Grade the Red Sox trade deadline

    How exactly is the roster "better today than yesterday"? Right now it is exactly the same as it was a week ago but we have one extra player on the IL. Might be a different story in a week or two but the season may not matter very much by then. I gave it a "D". While I'm not assigning blame our...
  13. maxotaur

    The Politics of being J.D.

    Good God.
  14. maxotaur

    Next man up, err I mean Down: Craig

    If the Sox season hinges on Vic "alone" being the difference between success and failure in any single game that's very troubling. The same could be said of any player for that matter, but certainly Vic at this point. The fact that the game might have been won if he were playing is true, yet...
  15. maxotaur

    The 2015 Rotation: Where do you stand? (1/20/15)

    Agreed. But I'm sure it often comes into play in signings also. If Shields were 9-2 at Fenway instead of 2-9, I'm imagining that is not completely ignored in the minds of the FO. It's human nature. Besides, you know that a sss by no means implies data is false, or improbable for that matter...
  16. maxotaur

    The 2015 Rotation: Where do you stand? (1/20/15)

    Don't be ridiculous. Decisions in baseball are made everyday in baseball based upon information that doesn't include an entire career, or anywhere close to it. It would be impossible without it. It really is kinda that simple.
  17. maxotaur

    The 2015 Rotation: Where do you stand? (1/20/15)

    Look, we all get the idea of sss. But to completely dismiss his career performance at Fenway, his post-season starts, and his 30 or so life time starts against the Sox as a total non-factor in the decision making process is preposterous. To think this has no part in the FO's impression of...