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    SoSH Fantasy Hockey Year 3 (League full)

    Really sorry, haven't visited SoSH in months so I didn't see this until now. I just deleted my team. I would've been a terrible participant.
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    Manchester United 2016-17: Mourinho, Year 1

    Pogba and Morata for Higuain and Pjanic... the squad is unquestionably better on paper now IMO, though obviously older. The shortened time horizon gives me anxiety, but they feel the time is now to make a move in Champions League and raise Juve's stature globally. Also, how about paying Juve...
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    Summer 2016 Transfer Rumors

    Let's see what Milan and Inter do with their new owners, but right now Juventus is both the richest (by a lot) and the best run club in the league. Six titles running is unprecedented, but so is the current gap between the best club and everyone else. Only the Chinese can stop this.
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    Europa League 2016-17

    Sassuolo is Serie A's best story. They're from a town of about 30K. Only made it as high as Serie C for the first time in 2006, and reached Serie A for the first time 3 years ago. They're one of three clubs in A to own their own stadium, and the team is young, Italian, and plays an attacking...
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    12/2 - B's @ Oilers

    Sarah Davis looks like such a babe in those echostor commercials.
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    11/25 - B's @ Wings

    Detroit deserves to be razed to the fuckin ground for the music they play at Red Wings games. Pleb doesn't begin to describe it.
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    There's A Game Today 11/3

    They've done it ever since the trade and it's embarassingly bush-league.
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    WS GAME thread: NYM vs. KC

    I swear they were playing Little Fang at the stadium last inning.
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    There's A Game Today 10/21

      Minus two of the top ten offensive forwards in the league, of course.  The defense can't be quite this bad over the course of 82 games, but neither can the offense be this good.  Krejci has produced more than a full PPG more than his career average to this point.     I'm down for the ride, but...
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    October NHL Game Thread

    10 periods and counting shutout streak for Martin Jones.  First shot he faced this year went in, zero since.  
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    October NHL Game Thread

    Good god was that a long offseason. The Shark Tank begins tonight. Let's go Kings!
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    Weekend Thread 9/19-9/21

    Pelle should have a brace fifteen minutes in. ManU looking super vulnerable in midfield and D.
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    Surf's Up: Summer 2015 Transfer Rumors

    Llorente is pure class as a person, and let's face it, handsome as hell.  I was hoping he would end up at a mid-table English club that could actually afford to pay Juve a transfer fee, but I wish him all the best at Sevilla when he's not facing Juventus in Champions League.     Growing optimism...
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    EPL...educate me & help me pick a team

      It doesn't really work that way in the EPL.  European football leagues are super inequitable compared to American sports leagues.  There is no draft, no salary cap, no luxury tax.  Basically nothing in place to encourage competitive balance.  And then you have Champions League, a European-wide...
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    Surf's Up: Summer 2015 Transfer Rumors

      Di Marzio has been wrong before, as transfers fall apart all of the time, but I never got the impression that he was trafficking in weak speculation or outright click-generating fabrications, which is 90% of  transfer "news" IMO.  There's at least something to everything he reports, which...
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    Surf's Up: Summer 2015 Transfer Rumors

      I pretty much ignore any Italian source besides Di Marzio, SKY, and Gazetta Dello Sport.   Edit: I forgot to note Romeo Agresti from Goal Italia. Very reliable, but Juventus-specific news only.
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    Surf's Up: Summer 2015 Transfer Rumors

    This is the first time of all the Vidal rumors the past two seasons where the most reliable Italian sources are on board.
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    Surf's Up: Summer 2015 Transfer Rumors

      Yes, exclusively.  His defending is strong though, so I don't think it would be a problem playing fullback versus wingback.