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  1. headly

    ESPN Is Pathetic

    Every year in preseason, I check the Bruins roster on ESPN to see if they still have David Pastrnak listed as a left shot left winger. Then I don't return to espn for the remainder of the season. I know it's small potatoes compared to other things, but it's my molehill to die on for that site.
  2. headly

    How Good Are The Sox Now?

    But in this case, the intangibles are quite often overtly tangible.
  3. headly

    Bruins Trade Deadline 2016

    I think the reaction to the non-trade of Loui comes down to how spoiled the fanbases in Boston are becoming. No one can look at this team and say they are a legit contender, but they are more than likely playoff bound. Now I'm not going into the whole "but ANYTHING could happen!" routine, but...
  4. headly

    January 5th:Washington At Boston

    I know there's not much they can do, but is this the worst lineup since the Dave Lewis era? Kemp and Talbot centering the 3/4 lines, Connolly/Ferraro as the 1st/2nd line RWs, Kevan Miller paired with Chara. At least with Koko and Griffith in the lineup we can pretend they are trying to develop...
  5. headly

    January 5th:Washington At Boston

    Fuck Holtby
  6. headly

    January 5th:Washington At Boston

    Fluto just tweeted lineups, looks like K Miller is back in. I take that back, 5-1 Caps.
  7. headly

    January 5th:Washington At Boston

    Great road team vs mediocre home team coming off an embarrassing high profile loss. The Bruins are without 3 of their best offensive players. Historically bad against Holtby. Caps haven't lost 3 in a row all season. I'm calling it: Trap game for the Caps tonight. Bruins 3-2!
  8. headly

    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    HA! I know this isn't the place for it, but whichever dope it was that stuck me with the Headly Lamar avatar gets a free handy! Love it!
  9. headly

    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    For all the shit Sweeney took for the draft this year, it really is turning out to be quite the haul. You could even make the argument that Zboril was the one non-reach, yet has been arguably the most disappointing so far. Gabrielle and Senyshyn are both top 3 in goals for their respective...
  10. headly

    Has Sweeney gained your trust?

    This has been arguably the craziest start to an offseason in franchise history.  Given the Hamilton fiasco, McQuaid re-signing and Rinaldo trades, have the other moves taken you off the edge at all?   Everything regarding the Lucic trade seems to be coming up Bruins.  The Zboril pick looks to be...
  11. headly

    Matt Beleskey to Bruins: 5 years $3.8 million AAV

    Didn't realize he was a left shot either, so those might not be his competition.   Further points for Sweeney maybe, does Belesky's NTC for 2 seasons have anything to do with expansion?  I haven't seen the numbers, but if it's frontloaded and he's able to be left unprotected, if things aren't...
  12. headly

    Matt Beleskey to Bruins: 5 years $3.8 million AAV

    Belesky signed for a lot less than anticipated on the open market, and only slightly more than what Smith was making.  Getting him for less than Savard's cap hit seems like a pretty goddamn good deal.  Even if he does regress a bit, I think he will be a nice upgrade from Smith.  And with...
  13. headly

    So what's Next?

    I think I have talked myself off the edge.  The route taken was horrible, but I'm not sure it is irredeemable just yet.  One thing that strikes me after doing some research is, for the most part, the top 6 taken all seem to have pretty decent heads on their shoulders in interviews.  Obviously...
  14. headly

    2nd Round, 7th pick (37th overall) - Brandon Carlo, D (Tri-City)

    In that video #22 for Slovakia is fellow B's prospect Peter Cehlarik, 2013 3rd rounder.  Couple of good highlights of him in there as well.   
  15. headly

    What just happened?

    You have 6 picks in the first 60 slots.  What the fuck do you need any of the rest after round 2 for?  The Hamilton trade fucking sucks, but with the draft you can salvage it more so than the Seguin trade.  The Lucic trade is fair value, I don't hate it.  But why are you retaining salary and...
  16. headly

    Dougie Hamilton traded to Calgary - signed for 6 x $5.75

    Krug and who?   I can't even muster up the effort to find SOMETHING to be positive about.  There was a glimmer of hope after I saw the return on Lucic, where I thought, hey wait, this might turn into something funky.... Then I saw the McQuaid deal, then I saw the retained salary.  Then I saw a...
  17. headly

    Draft Day game thread- storm the TD Garden like it's the Bastille

    Is there a possibility that this was the single most damaging day to a club's short term and long term in history?  Top line winger out, top pairing D-Man out in a year with a very weak FA class (not that we saved much money today anyways, retaining Lucic and re-signing McQuaid).  It was an...
  18. headly

    Draft Day game thread- storm the TD Garden like it's the Bastille

    I cannot process the damage Sweeney/Neely did to the Bruins today.  I am literally sick to my stomach.  How on earth do you pass on Barzal three times?  How can you reach so far on a pick that you could have easily gotten with 2/3 of your second rounders?  How do you have 3 picks in a row in the...
  19. headly

    October NHL News   Tonight's game in OTT is probably going to be cancelled.  Scary stuff going on up there.
  20. headly

    2014 NHL Draft

    I'm hoping for Barbashev, left shot be damned.