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  1. Ferm Sheller

    11/23 -- Bruins @ Panthers

    7:00 PM start in Miami on Thanksgiving Eve (Wednesday night). Bergeron's looking for his 1,001st point.
  2. Ferm Sheller

    11/21 -- Bruins @ Lightning

    The Bs are in Tampa for a 7:00 game on Monday night. Will be interesting to see how they match up against a team that's been to the SCF each of the past three years, winning two of them.
  3. Ferm Sheller

    11/19 -- Blackhawks @ Bruins

    Chicago's rolling into the Garden for a 7:00 start Saturday night. The 'Hawks have lost their last 2 and 8 out of their last 10. (Hoping for better ice than last night!)
  4. Ferm Sheller

    11/17 -- Flyers @ Bruins

    Flyers coming to the Garden Thursday night at 7:00 as the Bs try to pick up their 15th win against only 2 losses (and move to 10-0 at home).
  5. Ferm Sheller

    11/13 -- Canucks @ Bruins

    Quick turnaround. Back to civilization from "parts unknown, a/k/a Buffalo" for the Bs -- Vancouver flying in from a 3-2 loss in Toronto to the the Garden on Sunday for a 6:00 pm start.
  6. Ferm Sheller

    11/12 -- Bruins @ Sabres

    Saturday night at 7:00 from Buffalo -- B's vs. Sabres. On NESN and other fine channels.
  7. Ferm Sheller

    11/10 -- Flames @ Bruins

    There's a tilt Thursday night at 7:00 against Calgary at the Garden. Discuss it here as you please.
  8. Ferm Sheller

    11/7 -- Blues @ Bruins

    7:00 start tonight from TD Garden.
  9. Ferm Sheller

    Week 7: Bears Roam Into New England

    Roam (definition): To go from place to place without purpose or direction. (That describes the Chicago Bears alright.) Chicago at New England on Monday Night Football at 8:15 (ESPN). I'm sure that there will be two topics that dominate the broadcast: (1) Belichick's opportunity to pass George...
  10. Ferm Sheller

    Week 6 Gamethread

    Old friend N'Keal Harry might be making his Bears debut tonight.
  11. Ferm Sheller

    Week 6: Pats Infiltrate Cleveland

    1:00 pm Sunday in the ballpark stadium by the ocean lake. Unfortunately, we'll see the return of Flying Elvis, but I'm also thinking that this game will feature the unleashing of Pierre Strong (I say he gets at least 5-6 touches). View:
  12. Ferm Sheller

    Week 5: Lions Roar into Foxboro

    1:00 pm start features the return of this guy:
  13. Ferm Sheller

    Pats at Raiders—Preseason Game 3

    I guess I'll get this started now before I forget. Final Pats preseason game this Friday night at 8:15.
  14. Ferm Sheller

    Panthers at Pats—Preseason Game 2

    Almost forgot that there was a game tonight (7:00 PM). Been a busy week!
  15. Ferm Sheller

    7/13 - Let's Not Rue McClanahan

    7:10 pm start time against a pretty good pitcher. Let's beat him and not have any regrets.
  16. Ferm Sheller

    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 1

    The NFL draft is now less than a week away, so I figured I'd start a game thread to keep track of any draft-related news that may arise and to discuss the draft as it happens. Here's a link to the NFL draft tracker (and prospect bios): And here are the...
  17. Ferm Sheller

    Patriots Hall of Fame 2022

    Vrabel, Wilfork, and Mankins are the three candidates for the Pats HoF in 2022. Fans will vote one player in. My questions: (1) Who wins? and (2) Who do you think should win? I say Wilfork gets in, but that it's Vrabel's turn (Vrabel has been on the ballot for six years and his career with the...
  18. Ferm Sheller

    4/10 -- @ Washington

    I'll start this now before I forget... A matinee against the Caps (1:30 pm start). Per Cassidy: Pasta and Lindholm are out. Bergy, Marchand, and McAvoy took maintenance days. Brown likely in. Ullmark gets the start. View...
  19. Ferm Sheller

    4/8 -- @ Tampa

    Game on.
  20. Ferm Sheller

    2/8 - Pummel the Pens!

    I'll get this started tonight as I have a long day tomorrow . . . After a week off, the B's return to the Garden tomorrow night, where they'll face Pittsburgh at 7:00.