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  1. teddykgb

    Manchester City 2021/2022 - the Harry Kane Team?

    Pre Season kicked off today with a 2-0 win over Preston. Much like last season, most of the first team squad is scattered around the world and barely likely to join up before the first week of the season. City will again start with essentially no pre season to speak of and face a fairly tough...
  2. teddykgb

    FIFA 21 - Where City and Liverpool fans agree, Rashford is awesome

    Rashford did enough good this summer that I’ve broken my “no United players in my FUT team” rule for him. Not that prick Cantona or Beckham though, they’re banished
  3. teddykgb

    2020/2021 Manchester City: A Cinderella Story

    I've had this thread in my head for a few months now after speaking with some friends about how concerned I am about City and getting a surprised reaction from them. This could have gone in the "How do you feel about your club" thread but this is going to end up being a few thousand words and...
  4. teddykgb

    2018/2019 Manchester City: Records are meant to be broken

    City won the Community Shield today, which is a real trophy that counts when you win it and is a complete joke for everyone else. Really it was just a glorified friendly against Chelsea (who looked rough -- I love Sarri but as I said they need to change 5 or 6 players to play his system) and...
  5. teddykgb

    2017-2018 Manchester City: A thread for Champions

    I never got around to making a Man City thread this year and then City went on an epic run so I dared not jinx it because obviously my posts on a Red Sox message board affects the outcomes of the team. Today is a good day because City have clinched the league via United's loss to WBA. It was...
  6. teddykgb

    PL Week 1 gamethread: it's back!

    Leicester vs Hull has been 18 minutes of dross this far but that won't rain on my parade. Leicester don't look the same without Kanye thus far. Seems like both of the CMs are deep so it has been harder to spring forward. That said it has been 20 minutes
  7. teddykgb

    2016-2017 Manchester City: Sgt. Pep's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    So seductive. The man, the myth, and the legend has rocked up in England at the best team in the land and all the world. Today marks his first official day in charge, so it's the best day possible to start this season's MCFC (now Man City) thread. There's a whole lot new about City this...
  8. teddykgb

    Anyone paying attention to this badbios thing?

    It all sort of starts here (, with a slightly sensationalist account of a seemingly respected security analyst's assertion that he's been a victim of multiple infections of multiple OS's...