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  1. gryoung

    Jason Varitek remains with the organization on a 3-year contract

    The managerial heir apparent. Given that I'm not a Cora fan -- this is very good news.
  2. gryoung

    Chris Sale opts in to remaining 2 years of contract

    At this point for me, anything Sale brings to the table needs to be considered a bonus. He shouldn’t be factored as a significant contributor.
  3. gryoung

    What does 2023 look like?

    This potential rotation doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies. First three starters are more-than-average injury risks. I hope whatever Chaim puts together is better.
  4. gryoung

    Only God Can Judge Judge

    Sox fan here (just a disclaimer). I was listening to a radio show over the weekend where the interview was with the long-time announcer for the Cape Cod summer league. He noted how Judge, when he played there, was not the power guy he is today. He had a long swing and didn't hit may HRs...
  5. gryoung

    When The Patriots Were The Punch Line - Alternative Title: Be Grateful, You Have No Frigging Idea How Bad They Once Were

    What year was it when Will McDonough punched out Clayborn in the locker room ? That was something you don’t see often but (occasionally) wish on various media members.
  6. gryoung

    Best Red Sox defensive CF

    1. Lynn 2. Bradley 3. Coco 4. Reggie 5. Lewis Only voting for players I actually watched.
  7. gryoung

    Red Sox youth

    Freddie Lynn was a JBJ defense equivalent in CF and miles ahead of him in hitting/ offensive production.
  8. gryoung

    Trevor Story - Second Base or Short Stop???

    I thought, from reading various sources at the time of the Story signing, that his days at SS were over. His elbow/arm was damaged and having him play 2B was always the plan. The fact he hasn't seen any time there this season should be a hint. His bat needs to be in the lineup every day. He...
  9. gryoung

    Peter Abe: Offseason 23 Bloom or Cora Could Be Gone?

    What's Cora's contract status? Is he signed up through 2023 or beyond?
  10. gryoung

    Xander's pending post-opt-out free agency

    You don’t think this happens with pending free agents? I certainly do. In terms of St. Louis, I read something about possible landing spots and the Cardinals seemed like a high potential.
  11. gryoung

    Xander's pending post-opt-out free agency

    And that confidence is being influenced by Boras based on his “conversations” with other teams and their interest. Like St. Louis.
  12. gryoung

    Chris Sale aiming to return

    He's become irrelevant to me. I heard about the latest injury and shrugged my shoulders. Not surprised. No longer consider him to be an asset to the team. Maybe he comes back and maybe he doesn't. Anything positive he provides next season is pure gravy.
  13. gryoung

    Eck is done in the NESN booth after the season

    Given a choice from the rotating knuckleheads this season, Youk would be my selection. Like Eck, he could grow into the role. Tony Mazz is intolerable. His voice grates. Millar never stops talking. He goes on and on and on. Offering nothing. Hopefully they go outside this group. But it is...
  14. gryoung

    What does 2023 look like?

    Isn’t moving Story to SS a risk? There have been numerous references on this site to the condition of his elbow.
  15. gryoung

    Eck is done in the NESN booth after the season

    This is really disappointing news. Eck has always brought a unique style to Sox broadcasts. I hope this doesn’t mean more of that idiot Millar.
  16. gryoung

    Red Sox in season discussion

    I didn’t see the end of last night’s game, but just reviewed the box score. Why did Cora try to squeeze a third inning out of Whitlock instead of bringing Houk in for the 9th?
  17. gryoung

    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    More like an excellent fielder and average hitter. Mike Trout is a tremendous ball player. Rafael Devers is, perhaps, a tremendous ball player. JBJ was not.
  18. gryoung

    Red Sox in season discussion

    The video is great. Just needs the circus clown music in the background.
  19. gryoung

    Borrowing Trouble....What happens to YOU If Bogaerts and Devers Go the Way of Mookie?

    Our first year with tickets was ‘87. The gator was a favorite of our son. He still has a 39 shirt.