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  1. anaxamandr

    Red Sox pitching depth chart

    Thanks! All the pitching probables I was able to find just said TBD.
  2. anaxamandr

    Red Sox pitching depth chart

    Going to the game tomorrow - should I expect Velazquez or would they likely not use him after he worked in relief Friday and Saturday vs. KC? Could tomorrow be a Beeks start? I heard on tonight's broadcast that Swihart would be catching tomorrow, and we know he has experience catching Beeks...
  3. anaxamandr

    Thank you Jon Lester

    Thank you, Jon Lester. I hoped you were going to be on the Red Sox for life. You always played hard and always competed. I admired your attitude and your strength in surviving cancer and coming back to the big leagues. I'll be always be a fan, regardless of the laundry. And maybe, just maybe...
  4. anaxamandr

    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    Nailed. I know I do it. There just doesn't seem to be a credible alternative I know of. I would guess I am like a lot of people and just leave EEI tuned in when in the car until I can't take it any more. I don't agree with 95% of what D&C say, but if I'm driving between 8-10, I am probably...