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  1. Lazy vs Crazy

    What's the point? Celtics guard gap and offseason options.

    It's pretty clear that, in these Finals, the weak spot on the Celtics was guard play. Smart was just OK, White was a disaster, and PP was somehow even worse. Not having a floor general/distributor forced the Jays to ball handle too much, and caused roughly one billion turnovers. The guard spot...
  2. Lazy vs Crazy

    Paul to the Hall (2021 Hall of Fame discussion)

    Woj with the 2021 HoF list: View: Paul Pierce was a no-doubt first ballot guy. Somehow Chris Bosh made more All Star games than him, which doesn't match my memory of how good Bosh was. Webber and Wallace are probably deserving, so no...
  3. Lazy vs Crazy

    10-Day Targets

    With Smart, Irving, Hayward, and Theis out, the Celtics can (and will) petition the league to give us an extra roster spot that can be used for the rest of the regular season, or until one of them comes back. So, what do we think we're looking at? A small forward type player so we can never...