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  1. TripleOT

    2019 Off season -- Add a superstar, or subtract one?

    I didn't think we'd be in the Celtics' off season this early in May, especially after last year's shorthanded deep run in the playoffs. The most unlikable team in the Brad Stevens era is now history, and after standing pat last season, Danny Ainge will be looking at a volatile off season...
  2. TripleOT

    Privilege, Racism, and the NBA.

    Kyle Korver impressively tackles some very difficult topics: race, racism, racism in the NBA, fan behavior, and white privilege, in an article that is a must read for white NBA fans. He also appears in a 19 minute...
  3. TripleOT

    Greened Illusion: Lebron to the Celtics

    Here's another LeBron to Boston trade. Orlando gets Kyrie. Cleveland gets the number 6 pick, Vucevic, Ross, Marcus Morris, Yabusele, Nader and Semi, and Boston gets LeBron. The Cavs reload with the sixth and the tenth pick in a loaded draft, with two decent players, Vucevic and Ross on...