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  1. DannyDarwinism

    Tatum out 10-14 Days per Covid Policy

    Don’t know if this means he tested positive or had close contacts, but it’s a disaster. View:
  2. DannyDarwinism

    Bursting Your Bubble: the 2020-21 NBA Gambling Thread

    Weird year coming up, but anyone particularly strong on anything? I get there’s Giannis fatigue and Luka hype, but still, you can get him at +550 for MVP when he looks primed to put up the same numbers he did last year for the team that's projected to win the most games, so yeah, I'm on that. I...
  3. DannyDarwinism

    No Wiseman has the power

    Wow, NCAA declares Wiseman because Hardaway paid to relocate his family to Memphis. View:
  4. DannyDarwinism

    Zion train is coming our way

    Zion's now listed at 285, which would make him the second heaviest player in the NBA (behind Boban), if he were in the NBA rather than high school. Guys that heavy should not be able to do this: That is insane. I still don't know what to make of him as a prospect, but as a freight-train...
  5. DannyDarwinism


    This is a really cool series, analyzing the 40 greatest NBA careers. He just put out #2 today, and maybe I shouldn't be shocked, but I am. Looking forward to his write up for #1. Reading up on the guys I never got to see play, like Russell, the Big O and Havlicek is pretty interesting. Read up...
  6. DannyDarwinism

    Smart Out Indefinitely with Torn Thumb Tendon

    When it rains, it pours.