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  1. One Red Seat

    Dumb question regarding iphone4

    Pardon my ignorance son lost his iPhone 6 & is currently without a phone. He is away so, that is problematic. I have an old iPhone 4 that I want to give him. I have & the 4 was purchased when I had AT&T. My son is on wife's Verizon plan. I know newer iPhones can be activated using...
  2. One Red Seat

    EPL...educate me & help me pick a team

    My 2 sons (18 & 13) are Sox, Patriots, Celts, Bruins fans just like me. Have always enjoyed watching & going to games for those teams. Last couple of years though, they are far more in to EPL soccer and I know next to nothing about the league and teams. I played soccer in HS and still play in an...
  3. One Red Seat

    Gift Card Apps

    I know we had an App thread at one time. I searched for it but am unable to find it.   Anyway....anybody use of the gift card apps like GYFT or Giftbook etc? Love them, hate them? Secure? I love the concept because overtime I shop and want to use a gift card, I don't have it with me etc. Having...
  4. One Red Seat

    Malware Warning

    Excuse my ignorance. Technology not really my forte. When trying to access SOSH on MAC, I am getting the Malware message that has been referred to in a couple of threads. What do I do? Do I "Ignore Warning"? Do I have to run some sort of anti virus program? Please advise. Thank you