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  1. Eagle3

    2022 Boston College Football

    I dont have a problem at all with the roughing the kicker penalty. Had to go for the block, that was the best chance for a miracle win at that point.
  2. Eagle3

    2022 PGA Tour

    TOTALLY agree with everything you said. I was going to include that. You did a great job of describing it. That's a rule that should be changed. Chances are Rory still makes par out of a bad lie because all he had to do was get it on the green, but that shot became dramatically easier when...
  3. Eagle3

    2022 PGA Tour

    Being able to place the ball into a perfect lie was huge too. If that ball is buried in deep rough it brings chunking it short into play.
  4. Eagle3

    2022 PGA Tour

    He hit the grandstands, that ball was WAY left, and then was eventually allowed to place the ball into a perfect lie.
  5. Eagle3

    2022 PGA Tour

    Scheffler choked, but Rory also got some ridiculously good breaks on 16 and 18.
  6. Eagle3

    2022 PGA Tour

    It might be intense at the start, but it wouldn't last long because it would be a blowout if all the best PGA Tour players play. LIV has Cam Smith and Dustin Johnson. Whose their 3rd best player? Taylor Gooch? A bunch more top players would have to jump ship to make it competitive.
  7. Eagle3

    2022 PGA Tour

    I'd be curious how much Feherty was making at NBC and how much he'll make doing LIV broadcasts. At 63 years old I dont blame him at all for cashing in and then retiring in a couple years. No issues with legacy or qualifying for majors, Ryder Cup, etc for him like the players. On the other...
  8. Eagle3

    Summer League 2022

    I'm not saying Kevin McHale could teach Rob Williams everything he knows in 2 weeks, but I'm sure he could show him a few things to work on. All he needs is a couple of moves, not McHale's whole bag of tricks. McHale's moves are coachable, as they were based on great footwork and pump fakes...
  9. Eagle3

    Summer League 2022

    What's McHale doing these days? Safe to say he was pretty good at those 3 things. Bring him in to work with TL for a week or so this summer.
  10. Eagle3

    SoSH Golf, 2022

    Are you still playing VR golf? After playing quite a bit on the Oculus all winter I was blading everything for a while too. I suspect swinging the handle with no club head messes with the muscle memory of a real club because the weighting is so out of whack. Could be something completely...
  11. Eagle3

    2022 Masters

    My wife won $400 in a pool because of the 4 putt. It was pick 4 guys, cumulative score, winner take all. She was 2 behind, and went from tied for 2nd to a 3 way tie for first. The guy who had Scheffler must be livid, he had $1200 in the bag, instead it got split 3 ways so Scheffler's yips cost...
  12. Eagle3

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    Has anything changed this season in terms of non-cable options for watching the Red Sox if you want to see every game? Is NESN on FUBO the only option?
  13. Eagle3

    BC Hoops 21-22

    This team has exceeded my expectations all season. Yeah, they were blown out a few times, but they're way more competitive than last year. Before the season started I was afraid they might go oh-fer in conf. But I really like what Grant is bringing to the table. With a good recruiting class...
  14. Eagle3

    2022 PGA Tour

    I've noticed several of the payouts have gone up quite a bit this year at PGA events. Some examples: Genesis Tourney this week is 2.16 mil for the winner. Last year it was 1.67. Players went from 2.7 to 3.6. Fed Ex playoff tourneys went from 1.7 to 2.7. Was that planned all along, or a...
  15. Eagle3

    RIP Jeremy Giambi

    You must be fairly young. Barry Bonds was far from average in his early years. In fact he has more gold gloves (8) than any Left Fielder in the history of MLB. People forget how good he was defensively, or dont know if they only saw him play in the 2nd half of his career. After he started...
  16. Eagle3

    Celtics trade Josh Richardson, Romeo Langford and a 1st round pick to Spurs for Derrick White

    I dont like the swap, but, if Tatum and Brown (or equivalent other talents if either gets traded) are healthy in 2028 and Brad (or whoever) remains competent with regards to the rest of the roster this team should NOT miss the playoffs. So it shouldn't be a lottery pick unless things really go...
  17. Eagle3

    RIP MikeF

    Mike's reports were always the first thing I looked for every time I logged on for many years during ST. I met him (and Cheri) at the training complex in Fort Myers right around this time in 2006 before the games started. I was on vacation with my wife and kids, so I didn't have much time...
  18. Eagle3

    Bill Fitch has passed away

    Fitch replaced Cowens, who was the player-coach the year before. I dont recall if Cowens stepped down on his own or if that was Red's decision, but either way it had to be awkward for the ex-coach to be playing for the new coach.
  19. Eagle3

    2021-2022 NBA Game Thread!

    I've never seen a coach touch the ball intentionally before. Mind boggling that the refs didnt see it. What should have happened if the refs did see it? I would assume technical foul and then maybe the coach ejected?
  20. Eagle3

    2022 PGA Tour

    Rahm was -12 for the day yesterday, including a 2 shot lost ball penalty where he birdied his second ball for bogey . Tied with Cameron Smith at -26 after 3 rounds. Justin Thomas also -12 yest, Matt Jones -10, Smith -9. The course is way to easy for these guys, and even easier this year...