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  1. Rosey Ruzicka

    Game 5 - 2022 Conn Smythe Winner Jeremy Swayman steals a game @ WindyWaterMammals

    I will share my top secret game thread creation method with you all. Not sure anyone else will get to make a gamethread this year since the Bruins will probably win the next 14, but feel free to use this method next year when the B's start their cup defense. Step 1 - Get really drunk Step 2 -...
  2. Rosey Ruzicka

    Game 4 - Team evicted from shitty mall in Hartford vs. Swaygod and Saint Marchand

    Swaygod continues to dominate and Marchand patron saint of penalty killing and playoff hockey leads the way. Rules say we wait until gameday to post a new gameday thread, but fuck your rules. Its a little known fact, but Sway hosts a radio show in the morning, so this gamethread gets posted in...
  3. Rosey Ruzicka

    Game 3, whalercanes vs. 2022 Conn Smythe Winner Jeremy Swayman and the Boston Bruins

    Enough is enough. Life is shit now. Covid, Russia, Getting laid off from your job of 16 years tomorrow, End of Roe vs. Wade....this is the start of the turnaround. Led by our personal jesus/chuck norris/brick wall/huggy bear incarnate Jeremy Swayman. I've never started a game thread in my...