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  1. luffy66

    7/10 .- / -. . .-- / .... --- .--. .?

    Just here to say- I am glad the ESPN score box tells me we are 15 games behind every inning - I keep forgetting
  2. luffy66

    NESN to offer standalone streaming service for games (IN MARKET)

    I live in Maine and locked into a Dish contract until the end of the year (not a spectrum fan)- the prospect of not seeing the Sox this year hurt my heart. This option is most welcome to me, and was happy to sign up. They do need to make the app work on other devices- xbox would be helpful...
  3. luffy66

    AFC and NFC Championship game thread

    The Walter the cat commercial- cracks me up
  4. luffy66

    2020 NFL Draft Game Thread

    Louis Riddick wins the night - having a vintage Mattel Electronic Football game on his shelf.
  5. luffy66

    Game 5 - Bruins v. Blues

    This dude is my hero
  6. luffy66

    Lester to Cubs: Rent Garments Thread

    True that- although Carlton Fisk and Bruce Hurst were 2 for me that really hurt
  7. luffy66

    Spikes placed on season ending IR

    Or Woodhead in New England