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  1. Gubanich Plague

    The Red Sox ARE good. So now what?

    My guess is that Gammo forgot the word "happy": ". . .made the Red Sox development people happy they turned down. . ."
  2. Gubanich Plague

    Cy Young and MVP races

    We have 3 self-contained leagues this year, East, West, and Central. Wouldn't it make sense to have an MVP and a CY winner from each of the 3, rather than for AL and NL? It would be very fitting for this strange season, and would distinguish as MVP award for a 60-game season from an MVP...
  3. Gubanich Plague

    MLB’s sign-stealing controversy broadens: Sources say the Red Sox used video replay room illegally in 2018

    The other fielders should know what pitch is coming, or at least its location, so they have an idea of where a batted ball is likely to end up Even more important, middle infielders have to know when a pitchout is coming.
  4. Gubanich Plague

    2019 ALCS - Yankees vs. Astros - General Gamethread

    There's a great post on the (fictitious) backstories on these people; it's a truly exceptional piece of creative writing. It's my traditional reading on Yankee Elimination Day; hopefully I'll be re-reading it tonight...
  5. Gubanich Plague

    Craig Kimbrel: Dominant Closer

    In the after game commentary, Pedro said that Kimbrel was looking at his target too late, which is why his control has been so wild. Sounds plausible to me.
  6. Gubanich Plague

    Why Baseball Games Are So Damned Long

    I may be mistaken, but it appears the existing (unenforced) rule starts the 20 seconds when the pitcher assumes the ready position, and the new rule starts the 20 seconds from the previous pitch.
  7. Gubanich Plague

    Playoff Roster Construction

    It can get complicated. For example, say a pitcher gives up a single to a right-handed batter, then induces a double-play grounder by a left-handed batter. I would think that you count that as 2/3 of an inning against left-handed batters, yet the pitcher faced only 1 left-handed batter. It's...
  8. Gubanich Plague

    September 2017 Game Thread

    18 games is 1/9 of a season, so that's the equivalent of a player with (whatever the Indians' average OPS was before this) having a full season (no missed at bats at all) of .955. Pretty amazing.
  9. Gubanich Plague

    September callups (Travis, Swihart, Elias, Maddox, LIN, Marrero, Velazquez)

    I have no inside knowledge or special insight, but I'm hopeful that Brentz will be in Boston in 2018. I think part of the dynamic is that cutting Young-type players in October would make it tough to sign similar players in the future. Of course, it's a stretch to say that Kyle Martin, for...
  10. Gubanich Plague

    Steve Palermo Dead at 67

    I'm surprised nobody has posted this yet (maybe it's somewhere else and I missed it). Steve Palermo was considered one of the best umpires in the game, but was paralyzed from the waist down when he was shot trying to break up a robbery. As usual, Joe Pos has a great take on Steve...
  11. Gubanich Plague

    Race and the Red Sox

    Sorry, but I'm almost certain you're not privy to the whole story about your daughter's friend. The facts as you told them would precipitate a sussessful lawsuit at a public school, and at minimum some really really bad PR at a private one. It's more than possible to have a zero tolerance...
  12. Gubanich Plague

    Race and the Red Sox

    Some thoughts from a long-term lurker. By way of background, my wife is of another race, our kids are mixed race, I lived for years in a country where I was a minority (white), and work and socialize with people of all races. In my opinion, we as a society concentrate too much on race, and not...
  13. Gubanich Plague

    World Baseball Classic 2017

    I can see that we agree on a lot of things. I said you comment hit a nerve, but I didn't take it as you personally attacking me (how could you; I post so seldom that you I'd be surprised if you were aware of my existence). I agree that comments like Kinsler's can be disheartening, but when the...
  14. Gubanich Plague

    World Baseball Classic 2017

    I've been lurking since before the Schilling Thanksgiving and don't post often, but this struck a nerve. This thread is already off track, so I don't mind putting in my 2 cents. Your view on SWMs is pretty presumptuous; some of us get out in the world and find ourselves in the minority fairly...
  15. Gubanich Plague

    Just How Bad Was the Rusney Deal?

    One thing to consider here is that the $72M is over the 7 years (actually 6+) of the contract, but the 3M is attendance per year. Spread over 6+ years, that works out to $4 per attendee. As others pointed out, there are other revenue streams as well, but the high salaries (not just Castillo')...
  16. Gubanich Plague

    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    I'm not much of a football fan, but I made a point to listen to Francesa on Monday (and a little on Tuesday) for the joy of hearing him twist himself in knots to try to stop the horror of anybody on this earth thinking for even one second that Brady (or Belichick) is the GOAT. He's kind of a...
  17. Gubanich Plague

    MLB investigating Padres Over Pomeranz Trade

    I'm still waiting for the findings from MLB's investigation of the other trades, particularly Colin Rea I haven't looked very hard for an update, but this article raises suspicions; Rea suffered an elbow injury...
  18. Gubanich Plague

    How Good Are The Sox Now?

    A few years ago Stupendous Man wrote a very impressive article in Maple Street Press detailing the longest .500 streak in each of a huge number of seasons. The takeaway was that even the very best (and worst) seasons have surprisingly long streaks of .500 ball. I'd have to look it up, but a...
  19. Gubanich Plague

    SOSH Running Dogs

    This may or may nor be relevant to your calf issues, but mine come mostly from running on my toes. To prevent this, I (1) buy running shoes with tall heels (2) if that doesn't do the trick, use heel inserts (3) if they still give me trouble, focus on making sure my heel hits the ground first on...