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  1. The Tax Man

    JBJ in August

    Ian York dives deeper into JBJ's August to look for an explanation for his bad month.
  2. The Tax Man

    Has Edro Turned a Corner?

    Ian York does Ian-York-things and looks specifically at Rodriguez's new reliance on the slider to see if he can sustain his success from his last two starts. Edit: forgot a couple words.
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    Red Sox Mid-season Review

    With 82 games in the books and their June Swoon in the rear-view mirror (hopefully), Abs looks at the Red Sox first half.
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    The Cuban Cost Conundrum

    In an attempt to put Rusney Castillo in context and to predict the signing cost Yulieski and Lourdes Gourriel, @Cuzittt wrote today about the results of the players that have defected from Cuba to play US professional ball.
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    Watching a Baseball Hit Your Bat

    Sometimes you need a scientist to help explain what other scientists are talking about. Luckily, has @StupendousMan. Please take a look at this article if you are at all interested in what a batter sees in the batter's box:
  6. The Tax Man

    Blair Walsh, Zodda, ITP and USA Today

    I highly recommend checking out USA Today's recent interview with our very own Chuck Zodda. The interview is in addition to his excellent article yesterday about what caused Blair Walsh to miss the chip shot field goal.
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    Greinke and the Cy Young

    Greinke is definitely the obvious choice for NL CY with a 1.61 ERA and .847 WHIP both of which lead MLB. He also has a 17-3 record, 1.5 BB/9, and 182 Ks in 200 innings.    Today on .com, Ian York has reviewed Greinke's repertoire to get a better understanding as to why he's been the best in MLB...
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    This Week in Baseball Writing

    For the last month and half, on Thursdays has been publishing a weekly collection of links to our favorite baseball articles from around the internet. This week we highlight articles about Julio Franco, blackout restrictions, unwritten rules of baseball, David Ross, and the...
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    Red Sox Minor League Affliate Season Recaps

    As summer ends and labor day passes, minor league baseball comes to a close. Over the past year, Cuz has done a tremendous amount of high-quality writing to bring us his weekly minor league reports. I've never followed the minor league teams as closely as I have this year and that's because Cuz...
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    Attending a Baseball Game in Japan

    Stupendousman was lucky enough to visit Japan and see a baseball game. Today on .com he explores the different fan experience in Japan.  
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    Abs Wishes Breslow the Best in his Future Endeavors

    Abs points out that Craig Breslow is No Good. He also briefly explores his career and his contributions to the Red Sox franchise. But frankly, he's seen enough to predict that this is the 35-year old's last season in MLB.    
  12. The Tax Man

    An Untapped Competitive Advantage?

    Today on .com, Jimmy the Wulf points out that the facilities in minor league baseball are laughable compared to other sports. And he wonders if this is a potential place for a major league team to gain a competitive advantage by upgrading the facilities available to their prospects. Do you agree...
  13. The Tax Man

    Brandon Magee and Brandon Magee

    Brandon Magee (aka Cuzittt) writes about Brandon Magee the 24 year old former NFL football player now playing for the Red Sox affiliate in Lowell.  Which is more likely to happen first, Magee gets a full time gig at the Globe writing about Sox prospects or Magee makes it to the show with the...
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    This Week in Baseball Writing

    We've started a new weekly series at It is going to be a collection of links to articles around the internet that caught our attention. Please give these excellent writers the clicks they deserve and feel free to engage the writers on social media letting them know that our community...
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    Home Run King Mike Hessman

    Today on .com, Cuzittt looked at new minor league career home run leader, Mike Hessman.    
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    Trade Deadline Deals and Crying in Baseball

    Today on .com cwright has published her review of July. These are honestly some of my favorite pieces.    July 7: One lone duck, masquerading as a flightless Cardinal, took the field at Wrigley. Pitcher Carlos Martinez took pity on the confused bird and tossed him a few sunflower seeds:  
  17. The Tax Man

    Will Red Sox-Yankees ever be the same?

    Lisa Carney makes her debut with an article about The Rivalry? What says you main board, will the rivalry ever again be as intense as it was for the first decade of the 2000s?  
  18. The Tax Man

    Interesting MLB players not on the Red Sox

    I figured we could use a new thread to talk about the on field performance of some of the more interesting players in MLB. Sean O'Neill has been doing some great work at .com looking at players that aren't on the Red Sox.   Today he has profiled Todd Frazier to see if his excellent start to the...
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    Red Sox Bullpen 2015

    Looks like we don't really have a current thread about the Sox bullpen, so I've figured that I'd start one. I'm not sure if this is an indictment on the rotation or a praise of the pen but the only pitchers with an ERA+ above 100 with at least 15 innings pitched on the Sox are Koji (230 ERA+ in...
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    Calling All Writers! Opening Day is 18 Days Away!

    As you may have heard, SoSH Baseball Central is launching on Opening Day.  We are looking for writers to submit all kinds of pieces. Whether you are inclined to wax poetic about your first experience at Fenway Park, research extensively about the history of baseball, or dive deep into the land...