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    2016 Cowboys: Giddyup for Elliot

    Talk that Greg Hardy won't be asked back for 2016. Per Jason Cole at Bleacher Report (yeah I know, consider the source, which I won't link it because it's a video hot take), it's because he didn't take great care of himself upon his return to the field.
  2. Trlicek's Whip

    Chuck Knoblauch arrested for assaulting ex-wife

    On my smartphone and didn't see it here yet: The Minnesota Twins had planned a ceremony next month to induct him into their Hall of Fame but have since cancelled the proceedings.
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    Fitbit versus Up (vs. other fitness tracking gear)

    So I am looking to get a fitness tracking thingy to wear on my wrist. [Pet peeve crosstalk: I really dislike the word "wearable" as a noun].   I've got a few apps on my smartphone I was happy with at first, but tracking steps at the gym etc with a smartphone is problematic.   My sister and I are...