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    Morosi: Nationals trade Juan Soto/Josh Bell to San Diego

    I'm not a COTS wonk but I see a lot of expiring contracts in 2023 so the Padres as presently constituted have the same window as Soto. And the longer term stuff (Musgrove, Machado) seem sound on its face for longer term deals. I don't see this as a Dombrowski-esque emptying of the cupboard...
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    Trade Deadline Gamethread 2022

    Yeah, I agree. Rendon had three years before being signed by LAA where he was Hall of Very Good™ but signing him for his 30-36 age range at Mike Trout AAV was a mistake. His comps via Baseball Ref based on age and his accrued stats are guys like Youkilis, Corey Koskie, Nick Castellanos, even...
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    Trade Deadline Gamethread 2022

    You can't really comp Trout with Devers, or Bogearts. Maybe you can argue Soto = Trout for your post but that's based on Soto expectations. Trout is in his own tier based on his career, how early he was great, and his offense and defense. And you can't retcon Trout's deal so it can align with...
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    Trade Deadline Gamethread 2022

    It'll take a sell job to keep Ohtani. The Angels are a mess. They essentially built their team this year much like the Red Sox did, with the expectation that they'd be competitive for a wild card. When you look at the two teams in 2022 they are doppelgangers. They added Hill and Wacha-esque...
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    My pet theory is whether part of Dalbec's success last year was sitting next to Kyle Schwarber on the bench all season long. Schwarber after his swing retool with the Nats seems to have a better all-around approach at the plate with power and patience. So maybe Dalbec has 30+ HR's in him but...
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    I think it's wild to ever diminish the Sox's possible playoff hopes IF they get in as a lottery ticket, when the Sox in a couple of their WC runs basically hit unicorn superfectas to win them. 2004: Down 0-3 in the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees, in case anyone was in a coma since 2003. In 2013...
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    Masslive: Red Sox interested in 1B Dominic Smith from Mets

    Irrespective of whether one believes in Bloom's philosophy, I motion that we get rid of this cliché. There have not been that many GM's in real life that are making moves independent of ownership, market forces, etc. And even less that make moves to "prove how clever they are." They're not...
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    Juan Soto is on the trade block; rejects $440 million contract extension from Washington

    I got you, understood. Other chatter here recently debated what kind of 2022 team and season Bloom and the Sox braintrust were expecting (aka what they were happy with). I fell on the side of "with more league parity and two WC slots be competitive enough to be in it and make a run." So I don't...
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    Juan Soto is on the trade block; rejects $440 million contract extension from Washington

    Why cherry pick the first two years of a hypothetical Soto deal if the Sox have him for 12-15 years? Shouldn't the question be "will the Sox, in the next 12-15 years with Soto, be in legit title contention?"
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    Juan Soto is on the trade block; rejects $440 million contract extension from Washington

    I mean, Manny Ramirez was the same guy for us, wasn't he? Or David Ortiz? Neither of those guys were providing defensive value (or at least they weren't being prioritized if you want to edge case and be sympathetic to Ortiz). Neither of them were providing baserunning value unless they were...
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    2022 Kansas City Royals: It Would Take a Miracle

    This beggars belief: View: Text of tweet: The Royals will be w/o 10 players in Toronto, where a COVID-19 vaccination is required to enter: 2B Whit Merrifield 1B Hunter Dozier OF Michael A. Taylor OF Andrew Benintendi OF Kyle...
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    Jarren Duran: Another Foray to Worcester

    I also think if the Sox keep humming along as they have been that the pen will get fortified with closer-stuff relievers (not closers necessarily) to spread around the strong arms that can get hot. So they aren't pinning their hopes on any one guy. They may annoint a guy if they are in playoff...
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    Jarren Duran: Another Foray to Worcester

    I wondered if the org is respectfully laying out the facts irrespective of Covid to Duran (and Houck and others), which is that the AL East is so tightly competitive for WC spots that the Sox having to win a play-in game or travel to TOR for the playoffs is high probability. "We hope you are...
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    To be fair, that contract was signed in January 2021. And while you did acknowledge what Bloom inherited, as others have mentioned January 2021 saw Bloom barely one year into his Boston tenure, amid a pandemic timeline and a 2020 season that wasn't at all traditional. Including the still goofy...
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    Soto is smoke and mirrors for one of the worst teams in the league. We'd be trading for his regression. It's 2022 and most clubs have multiple mix and match live arms in their BP. Maybe not as liberal a closer by committee as TB, but looking for guys that aren't the 9th inning guys now for bad...
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    2021 MLB offseason - news and notes

    The optimism that a team other than the Yankees wants Brett Gardner is wild. His numbers are in consistent decline and he turns 39 in August. He's a lefty bench bat or depth signing. All he's got left is True Yankee™ intangibles maybe as a player-coach type for the FA's and youngsters.
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    Diversity level of the staff achived peak Blizzard of 78 whiteness in that clip. I feel like in 2022 even with the structural diversity issues that are baked into much of professional sports and sports media, that it's still pretty glaring to see this. A case of "fish rots from the head?"
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    Tom Brady retires

    Not willing to label Gisele "Yoko Ono" here. It's clear they had discussions every season. I suspect higher on the list would be that Tampa Bay's Super Bowl window was always small, but likely far smaller in 2022 without enough money or resources to give him a puncher's chance. I'm happy he's...
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom club

    Being lucky works both ways too. I can think of two Super Bowl losses with an opponent's miracle throw and catch in each that could have gone another way.