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  1. JohnnyTheBone

    7/6/2022 - TB @ Sox - Clobber Corey Kluber

    I just wanted to say "clobber Corey Kluber". Enjoy!
  2. JohnnyTheBone

    5/21/2022 - ECF Game 3 - Miami @ Boston

    Game 2 got our minds right. Celtics fans know that Boston is the best team in the NBA. They are on an inexorable march to a Championship. It's breathtaking to watch. The NBA literati doesn't want to acknowledge this. Slowly, though, you can see a gradual, grudging acceptance. The Celtics can't...
  3. JohnnyTheBone

    5/19/2022 - ECF Game 2 - Boston @ Miami

    Gameday. No thread. JTB rides to the rescue, with a winning streak intact. Time to right the ship behind the steady hand of a resurgent Marcu$ $mart. Let's take this home. View:
  4. JohnnyTheBone

    2022 NBA Playoffs Gamethread

    With the Play-In tournament kicking off tomorrow, we will need someplace to park our pithy comments. This is for that. Tuesday: Cavs @ Brooklyn 7pm / Clippers @ T-Wolves 9:30pm Wednesday: Hornets @ Hawks 7pm / Spurs @ Pelicans 9:30pm View:
  5. JohnnyTheBone

    4/10/2022 - Celtics at Memphis

    Grind the Grizz!
  6. JohnnyTheBone

    NFL Week 16 Game Thread

    We kick it off with old friend Jimmy G. against Mikey Vrabel's Titans. View: Titan up!
  7. JohnnyTheBone

    Week 14 NFL Game Thread

    We get off to a lackluster start tonight as the embattled Steelers take on the beleaguered Vikings in Minnesota. Sunday night the Bears visit Green Bay. Monday the Rams take on the Cardinals in 'Zona.
  8. JohnnyTheBone

    2021-22 NBA Off-season Thread

    Steve Clifford got $h!tcanned in Orlando.
  9. JohnnyTheBone

    2021 NBA Playoffs Gamethread

    We have a thread for the Play-In Tournament, and figured we could use a different one for the real playoffs. This is for that.
  10. JohnnyTheBone

    March 2020 NBA Game Thread

    Shake Milton is putting it upon the Clippers in LA, with 26 points in 19 first half minutes on 10-11 shooting. Philly leads 72-70 at the half. View:
  11. JohnnyTheBone

    Red Claws Game Thread (2019-20)

    This can serve as an ongoing game thread for Red Claws basketball. Currently, the Claws have scratched out a 37-27 lead in the second quarter of their first home game against the Fort Wayne Red Ants. Tacko and Tremont are leading the way, and looking damn good doing it.
  12. JohnnyTheBone

    NBA All-Star Weekend

    Looked around, didn't see a thread for this. Jaylen Brown was impressive last night in the Futures game. Dude is a burgeoning stud. Here's a fun little C's exercise to kill some time whilst you wait for the real games to begin: I'm going with: Bird Parish McHale Ainge Rondo GO!
  13. JohnnyTheBone

    Sox Acquire Addison Reed for 3 Prospects

    Per Lou Merloni on WEEI
  14. JohnnyTheBone

    Chris Sale to Boston for Moncada, Kopech, & 2 Prospects

    Per WEEI. Moncada, Kopech, and two other prospects
  15. JohnnyTheBone

    NBA Playoffs Game Thread

    So, I'm watching all-time great Celtic and future lead-pipe-cinch first-ballot Hall of Famer Paul Pierce absolutely tear up the Toronto Raptors in a first-round playoff match-up, and realized that we don't have a playoff game thread.  This is for that. Bring it!
  16. JohnnyTheBone

    C's Unable To Sign JaVale McGee (That's SO JaVale!)

    Per Danny Ainge on the Sports Hub, C's tried to sign McGee to a contract through next year.  Alas, it doesn't come to pass.
  17. JohnnyTheBone

    NYT chooses John Henry as new owner of Boston Globe

    Via Peter Gammons:   Sources say the New York Times Corp has chosen John Henry as the new owner of the Boston Globe - Peter Gammons