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  1. Rasputin

    At This Point in the Season, What Would You Consider a Success?

    I would imagine that most folks have had their expectations change since the start of the season, so now with all that has happened and all that is happening, what's a successful season look like? My answer is: knocking the Yankees out of the playoffs in the wild card game. We do that, and...
  2. Rasputin

    The 2022 Rotation

    To distract myself from all the jesusgoddamnwhatthefuck of the past week or so, I've been pondering the future. Green energy, no covid, and most importantly, the 2022 rotation. Is it me or is it completely obvious that it's Sale, Eovaldi, Houck, Whitlock, Pivetta in some order? If Rodriguez...
  3. Rasputin

    About that Tanking Thing

    Some people are worried about tanking. I'm not really one of them, but it got me thinking. Teams tank because they don't think they can compete and they don't feel like spending the money to be mediocre while they rebuild and rebuilding is both quicker and easier if you finish with a terrible...
  4. Rasputin

    We're halfway through the season

    We're on a pace to go 108-54. Most people think another team is a significant favorite to win the division. What do you think?
  5. Rasputin

    Jalen Beeks to start on Thursday, Alex Cora said

    " "Jalen Beeks to start on Thursday, Alex Cora said" per Evan Drellich in a tweet. I think this is cool. I know it's mentioned as a possibility/probability in the DL thread, but fuck that, a kid making his debut deserves his own goddamn thread.
  6. Rasputin

    Fire Cora! Cora! Cora!

    I didn't think it was even possible for me to get annoyed by manager-firing talk before the damn manager was even hired. I was wrong. Here's the thread. I'm sure he's gonna fuck up the lineup, bring in the wrong reliever, stick with a starter too long, play a sucky vet over a totally awesome...
  7. Rasputin

    The September Callup Thread

    It's almost here and there could be some interesting decisions. The Sox have traditionally limited the number of callups when they're in a race so who will it be? There will be at least one catcher, and Christian Vazquez is the only one in Pawtucket that's on the 40 man, so it'll be him. I...
  8. Rasputin

    How Good Are The Sox Now?

    THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO DISCUSS THE TRADE. With the addition of Drew Pomeranz, the Sox have clearly upgraded the rotation. How much is a bit of a question, but if Pomeranz has really turned a corner, and if Price pitches more like his ace-like self, and if Kimbrel comes back healthy, the Sox are...
  9. Rasputin

    What Type Of Red Sox Team Makes You Happy In The Pants?

    That's just nuts. I get that Kimbrel cost a lot, but have you looked at the market for guys who are both excellent and have a track record? Those guys cost a ton. The current rotation--and the current rotation depth options--have a relatively high expectation for some short outings, and some...
  10. Rasputin

    Is Eduardo Rodriguez going to be an ace?

    Let's get the obvious out of the way immediately. It's far too soon to think he's going to be an ace and it's probably far too optimistic to think he's going to be an ace.   Those are both some very true facts and so are these.   He's got three pretty good pitches. He knows what to do with them...
  11. Rasputin

    Bogaerts' Glove

    A lot of shit has gone about as poorly as it possibly could have and we're clinging to relevance with one tooth and half a claw but there's one thing that has gone as well as it possibly could and that's the development of Xander Bogaerts, particularly with the glove. He doesn't have the range...
  12. Rasputin

    What About Buying?

    This is obviously as premature as the seller thread, but what has to happen before we're buyers and what would you want to buy? We've got thirteen divisional games before the ASG and we play Houston a bunch plus Detroit and New York so and kind of resurgence would be very hard. But... What...
  13. Rasputin

    If we're sellers, who do we sell?

    We're not there yet, but we might be soon, which means it might be worth thinking about who we could sell off for a decent return.   Or so I was thinking until I took a look at the contract commitment page on Cot's.    We'd be looking for people on short commitments who are good even if it's in...
  14. Rasputin

    The Totally Non Official Precursor To The Official Predictions Thread

    Someone mentioned the prediction thread in one of the other threads and I was bored and holy crap do we need something to talk about so...   How 'bout them Red Sox?   The offense looks good. Potentially very good. Some of the folks in the prediction business think it's the best offense going. I...
  15. Rasputin

    What The Hell Can Make One Website Inaccessible And How Do I Fix It?

    I can't access twitter. This is not a huge thing in my life, but it has been a minor annoyance long enough that I want to do something about it.   I can't access it from my laptop no matter what browser I use. I've tried Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer.   I've tried to use the Chrome app version...
  16. Rasputin

    Why would my laptop screen go dark?

    Here's the deal.   Last night, my laptop worked fine. Today, the screen is dark. If I look closely enough and at the right angle, I can tell there is stuf there and I can move stuff so I know it's not burned in or anything.   The obvious answer is that the backlight isn't backlighting and I'm...
  17. Rasputin

    Getting Stuff From DVR to Laptop

    Here's the deal.   We're getting new DVR boxes from DirecTV. Why, I don't know, and don't really care enough to find out.   Thing is, there is some stuff recorded on the box we have that I don't want to lose.   It seems like it should be relatively easy to get the stuff from there to here, but...