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  1. Mighty Joe Young

    4/30 Week Game Thread

    Starts with Newcastle vs Liverpool Klopp throws a curveball with a heavily rotated lineup - AA, Salah, Fabinho, Thiago all on the bench as Milner and Keita are in MF
  2. Mighty Joe Young

    GW April 2nd The Beginning of the End

    Starts off with Liverpool vs Watford . LFC can actually go top with a win (at least for a few hours)
  3. Mighty Joe Young

    Game week 29 March 12-17

    Weekend starts off with an interesting fixture of Brighton hosting Liverpool. LFC has had trouble with Brighton so this should be competitive.
  4. Mighty Joe Young

    Matchweek 15

    Starts off with another London derby … West Ham vs Chelsea Could be a huge statement match for the Hammers. Have at’er
  5. Mighty Joe Young

    Euro 2020 Day 3 Game Thread (AKA Gareth Southgate dreams of a perfect nil nil)

    The Three Lions make their tournament debut. Southgate has settled on a decidedly negative lineup. Sancho and Chilwell don’t even make the squad. View: Croatia counters with .. View...
  6. Mighty Joe Young

    Liverpool 2021/2022 Jurgen’s Comeback Tour

    So .. good riddance to 2020/2021 ... in many ways a remarkable achievement to finish third, but it certainly didn’t generate many warm and fuzzy memories. (Allison’s goal not withstanding). So Liverpool appear to be putting the band back together. Which seems like a pretty good plan given the...
  7. Mighty Joe Young

    Week 9 Game Thread

    Chelsea cruising at Newcastle .. Werner should have a hat trick by now .. but showed off his sprinter speed with a terrific assist for Abrahams’ goal. Chelsea is starting to look like a contender.
  8. Mighty Joe Young

    1/21-1/23 Game Thread

    Mid week games this week. City looking very mediocre vs. Sheffield .. Jesus missed a penalty (should have been retaken)
  9. Mighty Joe Young

    VAR What is it good for?

    Another dreadful weekend for VAR. Goals disallowed, penalties awarded /not awarded , offsides measured to the nanometer, Red cards not given, red cards given .. I could go on and on but what’s the point. As a caveat I hate VAR .. it sucks all the immediacy from the game. I have to wait around...
  10. Mighty Joe Young

    01/12-14 Game Thread - Festive Hangovers

    West Ham hosts Arsenal to kickoff the weekend’s games. West Ham with the better of the play in the 1st half - creating lots of opportunities but with no real chances. Arsenal in turn had a few of their own. Second half West Ham again dominating the game and Declan Rice opened the scoring with...
  11. Mighty Joe Young

    Boxing Day Fixtures Gamethread

    Fulham - Wolves kicks things off today. Good match so far as Fulham has managed quite a few decent chances. Couple of shouts for handball as well (both marginal).
  12. Mighty Joe Young

    13/1 - 15/1 Weekend Game Thread

    Leicester playing Chelsea off the park at Stamford Bridge. Miraculously it's still 0-0. Hazard and Fabregas already off. You just know Chelsea is going to knick this.
  13. Mighty Joe Young

    12/9-10 Gamethread

    Looks like there may be weather problems for the derbies on Sunday .. heavy snow (by English standards) in the forecast for early Sunday morning .. according to the Liverpool Echo. The forecast is for Liverpool but Manchester is just a few miles away.
  14. Mighty Joe Young

    The Lightning Rod That is Allard Baird

    Great news .. Thoughts of Frank Wren and other possible candidates of his ilk were sending chills down my spine. Now they have to get rid of Baird and the jobs complete.
  15. Mighty Joe Young

    1919 Black Sox World Series footage It's pretty crude and grainy but still very cool.
  16. Mighty Joe Young

    SoSH Quote system not working on IE11

    Apologies if this has been asked and answered before.   In IE11, if I click the Quote button I expect to see the post's text added to a "new" message - ready for belittling, snarky replies or other demeaning comments. This works fine in Chrome or Safari for example.. However in IE11 nothing is...
  17. Mighty Joe Young

    The QO and the current CBA

    But why is it a "fundamentally unfair system" ? This was bargained by the union .. Just because it has a detrimental affect on maybe 3 or 4 guys every year doesn't mean it's an unfair system. Unfair to whom? Far few players are subject to compensation effects than under the old system. It...