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  1. TomRicardo

    All 2000s Red Sox Team

    Well 20 years have passed. I was looking at the numbers and if we were looking at the team through collective WAR through 2000s: C Varitek 1B Youkilis 2B Pedroia SS Bogaerts 3B Lowell LF Ramirez CF Ellsbury RF Betts DH Ortiz C Saltamalachia MIF Garciaparra Corner IF Mueller OF Damon SP...
  2. TomRicardo

    Studying for the CCNA Cloud

    Anyone know any good studying material or test dumps (usually against dumps but having to study dead technologies like Invicta is a waste of time)?
  3. TomRicardo

    Life w/o ERod - 6th SP and SP depth

    ERod has a swelling issue. Who replaces him? Right now I would go with Elias. I think he is a little better than Owens right now with a little bit more MLB experience. I think Owens gains more being in AAA plus he may still be a trading chip (more risk than reward bringing him up for a...
  4. TomRicardo

    Don't Look Now But The Red Sox Offense Has Woken Up

    .300/.358/.498 over the last 14 days .289/.340/.453 in all of June.   Huge part of this is Mookie, Swihart, and Xander stepping up in June.   Ortiz and Ramirez have also rebounded and Brock Holt has been in beast mode since become a fixture in the line up.   Outside the living corpses of Aza and...
  5. TomRicardo

    Selling Old Server Equipment

    Any good sites?
  6. TomRicardo

    .xlsm recovery

    Someone in accounting forgot to save an extremely important password protected .xlsm during a server restart and it got corrupted.   I have attempted an open & repair, changing the file to a .zip and .xls, as well as severally recovery tools with no look.   Does anyone a service that recovers...
  7. TomRicardo

    Guys, we are doomed :-(
  8. TomRicardo

    8 Teams is too much. A defense of the 4 team playoff

    I am adamantly against having a 8 team playoff.  I think it would really weaken the regular season because teams would take more cupcake games and essentially you would be giving teams a mulligan.  I think one of the best things about college football is during the regular season every week...
  9. TomRicardo

    PGP File Encryption Software for Mac OS 10.6.8

    The new Symantec Software does not work for anything before Lion.   Anything would be a big help
  10. TomRicardo

    Should the Red Sox go full push for next year?

    I am not really sure this team is ready to fully compete again.   I think the rotation has holes and I am not sure the lineup can rebound.   Personally I would want the Red Sox to spend the offseason looking for a trade (prospects are a perishable asset) and go after Lester.  After that I think...
  11. TomRicardo

    Why is McDaniels here?

    The offensive game plan was horrendous last night.  The fact he doesn't have a high power offense to mask his inability to adjust is really showing.   Is there any reason he is our OC?
  12. TomRicardo

    Panda thumb wrestling

    Please no Sandoval.   That is just a disaster waiting to happen at third.
  13. TomRicardo

    Ray Lewis and Monday Night Football Crew

    Holy shit, in the most surreal moment of 2014, ESPN, a subsidiary of the Disney Company, let Ray "alleged murderer" Lewis spent two minutes on an anti-snitching rant in regards to the allegations of Adrian Peterson abusing another one of his children.   Let that sink in. ESPN decided it would be...
  14. TomRicardo

    Who is the face of the Yankees after Jeter leaves?

    What past their primes overpaid player is their new face?
  15. TomRicardo

    Could Pedroia move to SS for 2015?

    This was discussed in 2009 and with the emergence of Mookie Betts, it may merit consideration.   The idea would be to move Pedroia to SS, Betts to 2B and Bogaerts to 3B.  The assumption being Bogaerts is more naturally fit for 3B and Pedroia even on the wrong side of 30 would be a better...
  16. TomRicardo

    Red Sox OF

    I would imagine after today the Starting OF would be:   Craig - JBJ - Cespedes   I see no reason why Cespedes can't play RF.  He has the best arm in baseball and plays a passable CF.  This isn't like sticking Gomes/Carp/Nava out there.     I would imagine that would put the slowly breaking down...
  17. TomRicardo

    Skewed rankings

        I think it would be interesting to discuss what other think about prospect rankings being unnaturally skewed towards Latin position players and away from college position players.  i think International FA (Bonus Babies) in general get an unnatural bias to drafted players.   In the last 5...
  18. TomRicardo

    Wasteland thread where P91 waxes poetic about his paramour Ellsbury

    So you know if there was no JBJ, Ellsbury dreamy OF glow would flowing off his dragon scales!   Why Future HoF Ellsbury would have made this team 60-46 by now at least while saving orphans from burning buildings.
  19. TomRicardo


    Seriously who is packing Peavy's bag.   Miller? Gone   Gomes? Gone   Who else should be shipping out?
  20. TomRicardo

    Trading Chips

    Definitely should trade if given the chance:   Peavy Badenhop Miller Gomes Pierzynski Drew     Should go if convinced you can't resign:   Uehara Lester/Ross     Listen to offers:   Lackey Doubront Carp     I really can't see a scenario where Peavy is on the Red Sox on August 1st.  I would be...