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  1. TomRicardo

    Vegas to build NBA size arena

    Why do you think Michael Jordan played for the Wizards?
  2. TomRicardo

    All 2000s Red Sox Team

    Well 20 years have passed. I was looking at the numbers and if we were looking at the team through collective WAR through 2000s: C Varitek 1B Youkilis 2B Pedroia SS Bogaerts 3B Lowell LF Ramirez CF Ellsbury RF Betts DH Ortiz C Saltamalachia MIF Garciaparra Corner IF Mueller OF Damon SP...
  3. TomRicardo

    Red Sox suspend clubhouse attendant accused of sexual assualt of a minor

    What did Jackie MacMullan do to you?
  4. TomRicardo

    The Legend of Xander

    He is an slightly above average to plus defender at SS. In fact he is having a good year at SS this year. Why would you move him to 3rd? There is no way shifting Devers off third to 1B and bringing in a better fielder than Bogaerts would yield an overall positive value because there is no way...
  5. TomRicardo

    Sixers fans boo team at end of 2nd Quarter.

    Bullshit. HOLY SHIT IS THIS BULLSHIT. You don't chant "Beat LA" when your bigger rival just beat you. Seriously the biggest moment of 76ers/Celtics "rivalry" is us asking them to beat another team. You might as well go ask Michael Cohen for legal advice.
  6. TomRicardo

    Sixers fans boo team at end of 2nd Quarter.

    Sounds like rantings of a shitty sports fan. That said since when has Philly been a rival to Boston?
  7. TomRicardo

    Fox to Disney to Sinclair

    BAMTech has scaling issues as it was built on a private cloud platform. Hulu is built on a public cloud platform and has higher scaling.
  8. TomRicardo

    Fox to Disney to Sinclair

    The deal would also give Disney a majority share in Hulu which would be at least easier to base their own streaming services instead of building their own
  9. TomRicardo

    Studying for the CCNA Cloud

    After taking a bunch of the AWS exams, I couldn't be more critical of Cisco. It is actually worse than Microsoft.
  10. TomRicardo

    Studying for the CCNA Cloud

    The best is you have to get 88% to pass their crap exams. So you can't even just shirt the terrible questions
  11. TomRicardo

    Studying for the CCNA Cloud

    Anyone know any good studying material or test dumps (usually against dumps but having to study dead technologies like Invicta is a waste of time)?
  12. TomRicardo

    Chris Sale to Boston for Moncada, Kopech, & 2 Prospects

    Holy crap we got Sale without losing any of the Killer Bs? This is a massive coup
  13. TomRicardo

    The off-season

    Why do people want to try to trade Kimbrel in a flooded closer market? That makes no sense. Lets get .80 on the dollar for a closer then spend way more for a lesser talent?
  14. TomRicardo

    Hire Farrell? (12/5: 2018 Option Exercised)

    That is because they didn't put a pile of laptops behind home plate
  15. TomRicardo

    Beyond 2016 - future needs

    I wouldn't worry about the DH unless there is someone out there that would be a bargain. You have SS, 2B, LF, CF, RF all set. C is easily handled internally. That leaves you 1B and 3B. Hanley especially towards the end of the year did not suck at 1B. I don't know if you really need to move...
  16. TomRicardo

    Pitching Targets

    That was a terrible piece. If you have the chance to get the best pitcher in the AL on a team friendly contract you don't say "Well the rotation is pretty good." I suppose the line I would draw in the sand in Moncada. But if it took Devers, Benintendi, ERod, and Kopech I would be packing...
  17. TomRicardo

    Red Sox acquire Drew Pomeranz for Anderson Espinoza

    This trade is exactly why you have Organizational Depth. Espinoza Future Cy Young or not represented a certain value. At the moment we have a team two years removed from the playoffs which currently composed with the best offense in baseball. We desperately need starting pitching and we got a...
  18. TomRicardo

    Infinite trade speculation

    Ha there is a Trout trade being discussed.