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  1. Nator

    Chicago can't bear its crappy stadium any longer, moving to the 'burbs.

    The Bears look like they are done in downtown Chicago. Soldier Field is the smallest stadium in the NFL, mostly due to the constraints they had to work under during their renovation...
  2. Nator

    The enemy of the Lakers is my friend. The NBA finals thread.

    Welp, here we go. I can only assume that Herro and Robinson will now fall back to Earth and shoot a combined 7% from three for the series while ABC points out how hot they were against the Celtics. I also expect Bam to pick up two quick fouls on the Lakers initial two possessions every game...
  3. Nator

    Urban Meyer Put On Administrative Leave

    Funny, nothing at all on about this yet. Hmm. My guess is a "suspension" until Big 10 conference play begins this season.
  4. Nator

    Are kids crazier now, or am I just old?

    I am a relatively new soccer coach, I have been an assistant coach for my daughter's 7 & 8 year old team, and this year I am head coaching my son's 6 year old team. When I coached the girls, there was generally a little silliness, but nothing too crazy. I always joked to parents,"There is a...