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  1. 21st Century Sox

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

  2. 21st Century Sox

    Following Former Red Sox 2022 Edition

    Benintendi to Bronx. Return talent not announced. YES Network just announced.
  3. 21st Century Sox

    NY trade deadline 2022

    Benintendi to Yankees. Announced on YES. No announcement who is heading to KC. Assume prospect(s)
  4. 21st Century Sox

    Week 18 game thread?

    Wat to go DOTB!! Fun to track a game I had no interest in 3 hours ago. Lol
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    Home, home on the Range (looking for a Range).

    Coming into the home stretch of kitchen reno. We went with a 36" Verona Dual fuel. Designer Series. I wanted a clock on the stove, wild how higher end stuff, you cannot get a clock. Also, many higher end ovens are small...This unit is 5 cubic feet, slightly smaller than the 30" stove we took...
  6. 21st Century Sox

    Julio Lugo has passed away

    Damn young. Very sad. I will never forget Lugo just BUSTING down the line on The Mother's Day Miracle game, and pure joy at first base.... View:
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    Cowboys: Dak returns

    Collins would actually return the week prior vs Minnesota. He already missed last week, so he misses four more....Eagles/Panthers/Giants/Patriots.
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    Gaelic Football (I need to pick a club to root for)

    I watch occasionally. I root for Kerry. They are typically very competitive. My four grandparents off the boat, 3 of the four Kerry.
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    If there's a WC game and the Sox can line up who they want, who should start?

    Nate has been nails. He has earned the start. Sale backing him up....
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    Cowboys: Dak returns

    I was very surprised that the Cowboys played that well. The defense completely shut down any running game, and Dak was out of sight. They are going to roll up the points this year. If the defense plays like they did last night, the Cowboys should run away with the NFC East, which isn't really...
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    Now it's Sale's turn: Sale has COVID, will not start Sunday (9/10 update)

    If he is vaxxed, it might only be one start, but Good Lord....
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    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    Very entertaining game. Dallas has as many weapons as Tampa, both these teams lined up for a great run....
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    Now it's Sale's turn: Sale has COVID, will not start Sunday (9/10 update)

    Maybe. BUT, if they indeed stopped testing......
  14. 21st Century Sox

    Now it's Sale's turn: Sale has COVID, will not start Sunday (9/10 update)

    Is there a specific number of infected players that would cause a postponement of a game or two?
  15. 21st Century Sox

    Remy stepping away from NESN to undergo lung cancer treatment

    Damn. I am riding The PMC this weekend. I will add Remdog to the peeps I think about as I ride. Hopefully he can beat it.
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    Trade deadline

    I think it is pretty clear that Houck is in the rotation, Cora said he is coming back up to make the TOR start. This is simply making room for a position player between starts.
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    Trade deadline

    I interpreted the story differently. Chaim had a plan coming into the season. Due to play on the field, he is likely shifting gears more to a GFIN strategy. My take is that Bloom might want to deal for Scherzer, but that is a big departure from the plan....and ownership is pushing him to go...
  18. 21st Century Sox

    2021 Tour de France

    That is basically what happens, unless too close to finish line. The field "neutralizes", and soft pedals, until the crash victims can sort out bike issues and catch back on. Then they kick up the pace again. So not nuts at all. If say just a few kilometers left, there is no way to wait...
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    Following Former Red Sox 2021 Edition

    Man, Lester has been through the wringer health-wise..... View: