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  1. JerBear

    All Pats-SB Champ Starting Lineup

    I think I'd have Drew over Jimmy at QB2.
  2. JerBear

    Celtics vs. Heat, Round 3 Discussion

    In the postgame press conference, Ime said TL was getting extra stretching in. Seems they haven't gotten their stories straight.
  3. JerBear

    Game 7 vs. Milwaukee: The Knockout Punch

    Timelord available to play if needed, not starting. Per Grande per Udoka. View:
  4. JerBear

    Patriots trade for DeVante Parker

    I expect the third rounder will be the comp pick they expect for JCJ.
  5. JerBear

    ROUND 1: Patriots shuffle off to Buffalo

    While I'd love to see it, I think Flo's more likely to have another HC job signed by Wednesday.
  6. JerBear

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 17 vs Jags

    He wrecked the blocking scheme to allow Hightower through on the early sack, too. Took out his OL and the RB in the blitz pickup.
  7. JerBear

    Patriots-Bills Discussion

    Schefter among those reporting Davis unvaccinated. View: "Both Bills’ WRs Gabriel Davis and Cole Beasley are unvaccinated and out for Sunday’s game vs. Patriots, per sources." Bracket Diggs, JCJ on whoever else they put out...
  8. JerBear

    Man in the Arena on ESPN Plus

    For those that don't remember the 4th quarter sing along: View: I don't know if NBC was playing with crowd noise levels, but it really stands out how loud it got for TONIGHT and then just the cheering after when they all came up to the lines.
  9. JerBear

    4G Android phone megathread

    Only reason I'm still with Verizon rather than switching to Fi (now they've added USCell and cover Maine) is because I carry my sister and mother in my plan so the line prices are reasonable. I don't understand how they manage to keep single or even double line plans with their current pricing...
  10. JerBear

    Krafts are closing off the open end of Gillette

    There's a lot of Pat Patriot and not much Flying Elvis in those "future" shots.
  11. JerBear

    The nation's tears are still here

    Patriots called TO before the snap, poor pronoun clarity on my part. After the Patriots called timeout, the cameras cut to McDermott losing his mind on the refs standing anywhere near him.
  12. JerBear

    The nation's tears are still here

    McDermott was real mad about the formation the pats lined up in before they took the first half timeout. Anyone get a screenshot? Wondering if it actually was or more of the typical opposing coaches looking for things that aren't there.
  13. JerBear

    SHOWDOWN ON MNF: Pats vs. Bills pregame thread

    At least once I think they'll run it out and the 6th OL is leaking out for a reception.
  14. JerBear

    Tracking the rookie QBs

    Whole body has to cross the line, he still had plenty behind when he released.
  15. JerBear

    Jets: Ride Saleh Ride

    The report I saw was that White tested positive and Flacco was deemed a close contact.
  16. JerBear

    Pats offense: Ongoing discussion

    "I don't think it was the same general approach, it was The. Same. Approach." - Dave Deguglielmo 14:55 of Do You Job. View:
  17. JerBear

    ReVax! Aaron Rodgers caught the Covid!

    We need ProFootballMock back just to cover this.
  18. JerBear

    OBJ out in Cleveland?

    After the trade deadline, everyone is subject to waivers. EDIT: you found it while I was typing :)
  19. JerBear

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Your ass is only stupid for waiting this long, you'll love it! Our 65" GX is great and we love it (only got the G because we were wall mounting).
  20. JerBear

    Von Miller traded to the LA Rams

    Rams: All in, every year all the time. Can only imagine the damage Miller and Donald will do together...