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  1. DourDoerr

    Brogdon to Boston for Theis/Nesmith/2023 1st

    That's a crazy return on what went out. Love this move and it should mean whatever guards stay should be rested for the playoffs. Also, it'll allow for a more skilled small lineup. The last piece is a playable big man who can fit in a rotation with TL and AH. Need the insurance at that...
  2. DourDoerr

    All Pats-SB Champ Starting Lineup

    Does Mankins have the longest Pats’ tenure without a SB win during the Pats/Brady run? 6 SB wins in 20 years and he comes up goose eggs in 9 years. That’s snakebit.
  3. DourDoerr

    6/13 Finals Game 5 @ GSW

    Terrific to be watching this at an oak airport bar
  4. DourDoerr

    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    Let's not take rugby off the table.
  5. DourDoerr

    Brad Stevens: President of Basketball Ops

    What’s the bonus if he’s Finals’ MVP? ;).
  6. DourDoerr

    Game 7 Confidence Level

    Confident but a little nervous here. One problem - I have zero idea which Celtics team is coming from quarter to quarter nevermind game to game. The short history of these playoffs suggest that we'll get a focused C's team that'll get the job done home court be damned. The status of MS and RW...
  7. DourDoerr

    Celtics vs. Bucks, Round 2 Discussion

    When the legend becomes fact, print the legend. Damn you and your facts.
  8. DourDoerr

    Garrett Whitlock

    Starting - and it's not even close. If this team's going anywhere in the near future, it's going to need good starting pitching. Whitlock's exactly the kind of prospect you develop for this role. Relievers are obviously valuable too, but they're a heck of a lot easier and cheaper in...
  9. DourDoerr

    Celtics vs. Bucks, Round 2 Discussion

    We're literally just hundredths of a second from already moving on to the ECF Al's tip-in from end of Game 3 and White's layup at the end of the half. Beat those red lights and we're on our way. Just terrible luck. Now they need to suck it up, get tight with opposing 3-pt shooters and move...
  10. DourDoerr

    Celtics vs. Bucks, Round 2 Discussion

    Completely agree on this. Don't forget JB is moving at an incredible speed and jumping almost as high as he can. In doing so, he needs a clear space to land and must decelerate instantly before tangling with the stanchion and/or spectators/seats. There's very little margin for error. A...
  11. DourDoerr

    Celtics vs. Bucks, Round 2 Discussion

    Good point and I completely agree. Ups the pressure on the D and TL is a safe bet to win his share of putbacks.
  12. DourDoerr

    Celtics vs. Bucks, Round 2 Discussion

    One play I liked seeing was along the left baseline when the Bucks sagged off TL - and stayed sagged - and he nonchalantly hit the 10 footer. He seems very at ease with this shot and at the same range in the paint too and I'd expect it to be more of a weapon next season. Add in his ability to...
  13. DourDoerr

    Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton

    (In my Jerry Seinfeld voice) If WR's at the combine are trying to get their fastest times and use the 4 point start position, why don't they use it in games? And why do airplanes serve peanuts - are we elephants?
  14. DourDoerr

    Patriots select OG Cole Strange

    Another way to skin a cat? This is what I saw in some of the video highlights too. With the Pats RB depth, having an elite guard that can get upfield in a hurry is a huge asset and might allow them to dominate the clock. Given their track record with early OL picks, I feel better with this...
  15. DourDoerr

    Celtics vs. Nets, Round 1 Discussion

    One of the most terrifying sights for an opposing coach must be Time Lord pointing up while stutter-stepping outside the baseline paint. The difference between throwing up a shot at the tiny hoop and an alley-oop to the hula hoop size of TL's catch radius must be like approximately the...
  16. DourDoerr

    Marcus Smart is your 2021-2022 Defensive POY

    With Bergy, Gilmore, Betts, and now Smart in town, we've been fortunate to witness absolutely elite defense in all 4 sports. Very lucky. Congratulations to Mr. Smart. He worked hard and earned this. And I'll echo all the other posters who've felt the same way - that video of Smart getting...
  17. DourDoerr

    RIP Mike Bossy

    Throat? You'd be getting off light. :D Stretch his career out and I'd like to have seen him with Oates. It'd also be a Byng deathmatch.
  18. DourDoerr

    RIP Mike Bossy

    This was always painful - Bossy went #15 in the 1977 draft while Boston had the 16th pick. IDK though if they would have taken Bossy if they had the chance. In any case, the Bruins walked away with Dwight Foster.
  19. DourDoerr

    NBA 2022 Year-end awards

    It's only CBSSports, but looks like Smart's campaign reached some ears there. Smart was smart - amplifying that it's been a while since a guard was a DPOY was pretty crafty and I'd guess has had some influence. :
  20. DourDoerr

    Analysis of Celtics Games, '21-'22 Season

    "soup is boil" is outstanding. I hope someone on the team picks that up.