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  1. MainerInExile

    Pats 2022 draft class

    That would be great fun, but it's the range rather than the average that is super interesting. To draft a guy, you have to draft him before the team that had him second highest, not before the average.
  2. MainerInExile

    2022 coaching carousel

    Reiss said the same in his latest article, but said it wasn't clear if BOB wanted to leave Alabama.
  3. MainerInExile

    2022 coaching carousel

    I think the best thing that ever happened to Bill was winning the Super Bowl early on. The Pats had to get super lucky to win in 2001. If that doesn't happen, and they take that step back the next year, does Bill get the rope to keep going? Does he survive having benched Bledsoe? Once he won...
  4. MainerInExile

    SHOWDOWN ON MNF: Pats vs. Bills pregame thread

    Good defense against the run, good pass rush. Not deep in the secondary because of injuries, though. So it seems like a 5-wide, short-passing type of game from the Pats. Dink and dunk and win while hearing everyone complain that Mac is a peashooter sounds pretty good to me.
  5. MainerInExile

    Pats sign Jamie Collins

    Collins has had an interesting career. He has made all of his good plays with the Patriots, and has made all of his money from the Browns and Lions.
  6. MainerInExile

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    It's fair to not be convinced yet, he has only played two games! But it would not be fair to think he isn't the future if his third game ever is a bad one.
  7. MainerInExile

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    So we know Mac is leaving meat on the bones. We also know he's performing incredibly well for a rookie. So the question is - so what? We're seeing all of these breakdowns showing him leaving meat on the bone, but I don't have a good baseline of how often a great QB leaves meat on the bone. I...
  8. MainerInExile

    Pats: Roster Transactions Thread

    I think that's exactly the plan.
  9. MainerInExile

    Pats: Roster Transactions Thread

    Given that Hoyer is terrible and that his only value is that he knows the system, I think it's safe to say he won't be picked up.
  10. MainerInExile

    Pats: Roster Transactions Thread

    I think this is it. Folk is probably a better kicker right now, but he is what he is. Nordin, if he reaches his potential, could be much better, and be cheap for multiple years.
  11. MainerInExile

    Pats Depth Chart: an Early Look

    Newton is very different from the other 3 QBs on the roster. If Jones wins the job, Jones, Stid, Hoyer makes a lot more sense as the 3. Reiss had an article recently about how in 01 all the QBs we're the same style, and BB contrasted it back then with when they had Michael Bishop, who was very...
  12. MainerInExile

    Packers: Rodgers’ Chances of Returning to GB in Jeopardy!

    Rodgers and Wilson's lack of multiple Super Bowls shows just how hard it is to win them, even with a great QB. And it also shows why the BB vs Brady "argument" is so silly. You don't win 6 without the greatest in both the QB and HC slots.
  13. MainerInExile

    Favorite Patriots Newcomer (Draft Picks Included)

    Henry may well be better, but Jonnu could be a lot more fun. Moving around, doing different things, getting carries, etc.
  14. MainerInExile

    Pats Draft Rd.5/177 LB Cameron McGrone

    I remember Roberts as slow too, but I looked it up and amazingly he ran a 4.6. Bentley a 4.75. McGrone a 4.67 so he pretty much splits the difference (
  15. MainerInExile

    NFL Draft Rd.4-7: Everything Goes Gamethread

    With two TEs being the norm the vast majority of the time, it seems unlikely a FB will play many snaps.
  16. MainerInExile

    Pats Draft Rd.4/120: RB Rhamondre Stevenson

    I'm not surprised they took a RB, but I expected it to be more of a passing back.
  17. MainerInExile

    Pats Draft Poll

    Between this and the hard work stuff, Evil Genius Bill is working hard to make Fields fall.
  18. MainerInExile

    Pats Draft Poll

    There's certainly some line the Pats have. Eg we wouldn't draft him at 5, we would draft him at 50. Somewhere in there is the tipping point.
  19. MainerInExile

    Pats Draft Poll

    That is certainly possible!