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  1. JerBear

    Jamie Collins: Not Injured

        Football Central
  2. JerBear

    Wilfork's 2014 Season

    T&A asked for a look into Vince's season to see how he was doing after his season ending injury last year.   FC Link      
  3. JerBear

    Amendola Again

    MOD EDIT: by Mark Schofield ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Well, I'll start things here and SSF can move it if it makes more sense on an article that may exist in the future.   I rewatched the copy of the game that I had (broadcast...
  4. JerBear

    RealFantasy IR/Retired Replacements

    The supplemental draft is "over".  Picks can still be made through 1PM EDT, Sunday, September 14.  Any team with open roster spots after that time will be assigned the highest drafted player from the NFL draft not on a RealFantasy roster.  If the team has an obvious hole at a position they will...
  5. JerBear

    Real Fantasy Pigskin: Replacement Owners Needed

    Hey guys,   We're doing a fun (depending on who you ask) thought experiment in the Real Fantasy Subforum.  Basically we've got 32 owners that have drafted ~40 players and we argue about which teams are better.  Typically the majority of the time is the offseason with a draft around the real life...
  6. JerBear

    RealFantasy Supplemental Draft 2014

    Google Doc is still available at the same link.   From last topic   SSF is on the clock though it doesn't start ticking until Monday.  
  7. JerBear

    RealFantasy AFC South Discussion and Breakdown

    Phragle was in charge, but I have the table layouts.  If you want to add snap counts send them along and I'll update tables.     Texans JerBear (7) Jaguars Turrable (8) Tactlenecks Scoops/Phragle (9) Colts MarcSullivaFan (19) O Total 27.5 58.5 6.5 30.1 D Total 65.2 49.9 68.9 -8.5...
  8. JerBear

    2013 Defensive Snap Counts

    Trying something new this year, just putting it in a google doc so I don't have to keep making screenshot images of an excel spreadsheet. This will also allow me to let someone else edit if I get caught up with work.   Google Docs doesn't allow the nice gradient conditional formatting so I just...