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  1. Nator

    Vin Scully has passed away

    Vin was the best. There are so many things to choose from, but I personally appreciate how he served as the inspiration for the announcer on this Simpsons bit (obvious by my signature). I laugh to the point of tears every time it gets to, "...and heeeere come the pretzels." That sounds exactly...
  2. Nator

    RIP Bill Russell

    The world lost a tremendous human being today.
  3. Nator

    N’Keal is N’Gone

    I will always think that the trajectory of his Patriots career was forever changed by that botched out of bounds call against KC in 2019. If he scores that TD, the game is totally different, the Pats might have held onto a 1st round bye, and maybe Brady would have started to trust him more...
  4. Nator

    No Excuses.

    The last two Sox game I attended in Chicago, they Red Sox got shut out (2018 10-0 White Sox, though I can't complain with how that season turned out) and now whimpering across 1 god damned run. Looks like I should stay home.
  5. Nator

    No Excuses.

    That was less than ideal.
  6. Nator

    No Excuses.

    I've been half following this conversation thru the gamethread, and this whole time I thought it was about Jimy Williams, not Jimi Hendrix.
  7. Nator

    No Excuses.

    Have they even hit one out of the infield today?
  8. Nator

    No Excuses.

    That chud getting hurt in the 1st inning sucks. He was ripe to be obliterated.
  9. Nator

    Brogdon to Boston for Theis/Nesmith/2023 1st

    Holy shit. Tomorrow's my birthday, but this will be the best present I get.
  10. Nator

    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    I have a feeling that the Nets are pretty much done making any deals with the Celtics for the foreseeable future. I'll bet they've had enough.
  11. Nator

    Offseason Rumors/News

    What, he's cutting back from 2 milkshakes per day to 1?
  12. Nator

    Patriots are bringing back the Pat Patriot uniform/helmet

    I know that the Pats were ass in those old uniforms but I think after 6 superbowl wins they stench has been washed off of them.
  13. Nator

    Sports Radio station 790 The Score is returning to RI airwaves

    It's a smart move to broadcast the Yankees games. A lot of New Yorkers head up to the beach's in RI, since Connecticut beaches have virtually no surf.
  14. Nator

    NBA Finals Game 6--Resiliency

    Whomever mentioned Lillard, no way. I am done with undersized guards over 30 coming off an injury then being the super exploitable weak link in our defense. I would take Smart's defense over anything Lillard would give you on offense. Same.thing with Mitchell. He is under 30, but the next time...
  15. Nator

    NBA Finals Game 6--Resiliency

    Yeah, fuck that guy with a poisoned halberd.
  16. Nator

    NBA Finals Game 6--Resiliency

    Summarize for this of us drowning our sorrows and not watching?
  17. Nator

    NBA Finals Game 6--Resiliency

    Hey guys, certainly some of the.most fun game theeading I've had here is Sosh in awhile. Next year they will being it from game 1, lovk.up home court throughout the playoffs, and bring number 18 home next year. Chins up. The Celtics are going to be a pain in the ass for the rest of the NBA for...
  18. Nator

    NBA Finals Game 6--Resiliency

    God dammit. I hope this team can get back here and win next time.
  19. Nator

    NBA Finals Game 6--Resiliency

  20. Nator

    NBA Finals Game 6--Resiliency

    Stop upfaking and driving into turnovers and just take the open shots, assholes.