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  1. SocrManiac

    Antivirus for our elders

    I’ve been out of the IT support game for too long to know what’s current. I’m sick of wiping my mother in law’s computer every time she clicks something stupid. Is there a nuclear AV/AM option I can make her buy? What are the current standard removal tools? When did Google become completely...
  2. SocrManiac

    U8 Soccer - first time head coach and a challenging player

    My town had a coaching shortage this spring. While I’ve been assisting most of my son’s teams, this is my first dive into being responsible for the entire group. Prior to this I’ve coached middle, high school, and college goalkeepers. So far, everything is going well, but I have one player I...
  3. SocrManiac

    Matchweek 26 - At least it’s isn’t the FA Cup

    Weirdly boring week. Spurs and City might be interesting if Conte believed in a midfield, but he doesn’t. Maybe Wolves and Leicester will entertain?
  4. SocrManiac

    Matchday 10

    Cold morning, fire’s going, daughter woke me up at 0520, and my son’s soccer game was canceled. Time to curl up and not move for a few hours (other than fist pumps).
  5. SocrManiac

    Week 8

    Peacock’s framerate seems to be in the 12-16FPS range this morning. My brain is not capable of the required smoothing to not make this a headache-inducer.
  6. SocrManiac

    Week 7

    You awake, @OCST? @Zomp?
  7. SocrManiac

    Week 6- Start with dessert

    Citeh and Chelsea! How deeply can Chelsea defend today?
  8. SocrManiac

    Matchweek 2 - Peacock still sucks

    Why do US EPL fans have to return to the earliest days of streaming?
  9. SocrManiac

    Gameweek 30

    Thiago Silva with possibly the stupidest play imaginable. If he had a wig he could pass himself off as David Luiz.
  10. SocrManiac

    Week 25

    Minamino puts his gorgeous Southampton kit up 1-0 by embarrassing Mendy. I like it.
  11. SocrManiac

    Gameweek 21/22

    Wake me up when Everton and Newcastle stop torturing the TV cameras.
  12. SocrManiac

    2020 Fixture Congestion - How can the leagues (and especially the FA) protect players?

    Players are getting hurt. Managers are getting vocal. The quality of play is suffering. How can this be fixed? Two of the most blindingly obvious pieces are right in front of us. Additional substitutions and moving CL teams to Sundays should already have happened. With December looming...
  13. SocrManiac

    10/24 Weekend - Peacocking like it’s 1999!

    Missed the Antonio goal since, you know, no pause or rewind.
  14. SocrManiac

    Matchweek 4

    Where’s the match? Oh, right. Peacock. Low bitrate, low framerate, and the feature set of my local cable company in 1997. Progress!
  15. SocrManiac

    Matchweek 3

    Seeing a Panenka on De Gea is better than coffee.
  16. SocrManiac

    Championship Sunday - 7/26

    Last game before the loooooong summer break! Just kidding, it’s a few weeks. Kepa dropped by Lampard- I’d imagine we’ve seen the last of the goalkeeper in a Chelsea kit. I’ll be watching ManU/Leicester live. Seems like the game with the most at stake. I wish there was a Red Zone style...
  17. SocrManiac


    I went to work stupid early, I'm going home stupid early, I'm drinking stupidly for a Wednesday, and I'm watching FOOTY!!! WELCOME BACK MY LOVE!
  18. SocrManiac

    Let's talk goalkeepers and goalkeeping

    So, not a lot to talk about these days. I thought it might be fun to explore goalkeeping a bit. One topic near and dear to my heart is the crucifixion applied to a goalkeeper for conceding a near post goal. As far as I can tell, this is purely a media creation. I loved when Kasper Schmeichel...
  19. SocrManiac

    8-Feb: I was wrong, I have something to do this weekend

    Theo injured after providing an assist, now his sub doesn’t have his gear. What the fuck is with profession players not being ready to answer the manager’s call?
  20. SocrManiac

    EPL Winter Break - I have nothing to do this weekend

    Klopp wins his fifth manager of the month award (this year). Seemed like Klopp was arguing against it, but look at the club’s fixture list and results. LFC’s run is absolutely insane. Raheem is out for a few weeks. His form hasn’t been the greatest, so a break isn’t the worst thing in the...