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    Sox acquire Eric Hosmer

    There isn't. It's just the worst of Dan Duquette, throwing as many random washed up and/or injury prone players you can find against the wall and hoping you can piece together a season. Last year it worked, this year it isn't but he refuses to give up the ghost of the 2022 season.
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    2022 PGA Tour

    Besides literally everyone, who could have seen this coming! I mean the players themselves couldn't have possibly believed they'd be making that kind of money for only a handful of tournament a year right?
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    The Open Championship - St. Andrews (Old Course)

    The different standard is the entire point of LIV golf. These golfers aren't moving to some humble little startup company that's trying to do right by the players or offering a real alternative to the current tour. They're moving to a league that is giving out money not based in any reality on...
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    Golf equipment, WITB

    Can confirm. I got my irons and 50 wedge through the website. They were shipped fast and the condition description was accurate. Sorry, this is in regards to the Callaway pre-owned site.
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    Golf equipment, WITB

    Driver: TaylorMade M6 D-type, 10.5 degree, Project X Even Flow Max Carry 45 Irons: Callaway Rogue, 5-PW. 5 iron is 23 degrees, pitching wedge is 44 degrees Wedge: Callaway Jaws MD5 50 degrees Putter: Ping Pal 2 I feel comfortable with all of these clubs and they're all fairly new outside of the...
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    Sports Radio station 790 The Score is returning to RI airwaves

    I know I'll give it a try here and there to see if there will be URI content, but with them airing Brown Bears games and having Kevin McNamara I won't be holding my breath.
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Unfortunately that's accurate, however that's why they need someone like Beetle in the third chair to kind of balance out the garbage instead of Murray who just makes everything worse.
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    Remy ceremony Wed. 4/20 at 6:30 on NESN...

    Was there any particular reason it was even done last night? If they did it before this afternoon's game instead he probably would have been able to be there in person.
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    How good is Patrice Bergeron?

    Thank you all, I really appreciate the replies helping to set me straight. Are there any particularly good websites to give a crash course on advance stats in hockey?
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    How good is Patrice Bergeron?

    Does this article about how Bergeron isn't the most deserving of the Selke have any merit? I'm kind of a troglodyte when it comes to advanced statistics, so I see your numbers and think well hell, makes...
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    April NHL News & Stuff

    I would expect Wilson to continue his path on the defensemen and win the puck off of him like every other player in the league would do instead of going right for the goalie.
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    April NHL News & Stuff

    You keep saying the goalie put himself in a bad situation and made a stupid play, but what would you have him do? The puck had already come out to the goal line when he touched it, so he had to be on the post to make sure nothing snuck by him there. Even if there's no bad intent, which is...
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    April NHL News & Stuff

    I disagree with the majority opinion. To me he clearly freight trains a goalie who is still standing in the crease. To me the most charitable read on the play is that it's not so much that he did anything wrong, he just doesn't care about or respect anyone else on the ice, so it didn't matter to...
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    Camden Yards moves LF wall back 30 feet

    People moan about Fenway because it's a terrible ballpark. It's solidly bottom third in MLB, and has a case for bottom 5. When you're looking at the sea of seats, notice how they're all facing the right way and they're not behind giant poles obstructing the view. That's how it's supposed to...
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    2022 Masters

    My plan in my survivor pool was to take Speith this week, but he's kind of scared me off, so I'm not sure who I'm going to take now.
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    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    I was uncomfortable with the 5 Sector guy myself. Unlike the other people they highlight who are miserable human beings and deserve mocking, he clearly has a mental illness.
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    21-22 College Hoops General Discussion

    Kiss wasn't playing at that game as a result of a suspension earned two games earlier. Just like he was suspended the first two games of the season. Shows Grasso isn't getting through to the players at all.
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    21-22 College Hoops General Discussion

    It's been an ongoing thing with Kiss at least all year, and a lot of it is seeing his demeanor on the bench when they played at URI this year along with the way the team carried themselves. Reading some things after the incident this week, it seems like the way they were at URI is an ongoing...
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    21-22 College Hoops General Discussion

    Thank God on the first part. Oh God no on the second part. I liked Becker as an option before if we couldn't get Archie Miller, but hearing about the stuff off the court with his program has cooled me way down on him. I have 0.0% interest in Jared Grasso for URI. He's an absolute clown, has zero...
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    21-22 College Hoops General Discussion

    Well here we are with URI falling flat on their face again this season, and the consensus is that David Cox is done after this season. Interestingly both Jeff Borzello and Jeff Goodman have heard Archie Miller to URI whispers, though Goodman says he doesn't think that will happen because Miller...