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  1. sodenj5

    2022 Dolphins: Our coach is cooler than yours

    Figured with the combine wrapping up and FA around the corner, it was time for a fresh thread. Mike McDaniel may or may not be a great head coach, but he’s entertaining as hell and made his rounds through the press during the combine. Miami has the most cap room in the league and they’re...
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    Shaun Wade to the Patriots

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    N’Keal Harry Formally Requests a Trade

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    Pats Re-sign Cam Newton to a 1-Year Deal

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    Dolphins: Year Tua

    Figured I would start a new thread since the Deshaun Watson stuff is starting to pick up steam. To recap, it appears that Deshaun Watson is going to force his way out of Houston. Miami is uniquely positioned to acquire Watson, if they are interested. Tua would likely go to Houston along with...
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    Dolphins: Aloha

    Start of the 2020 thread. The biggest development is Tua’s decision to declare for the draft yesterday. This puts him clearly in Miami’s crosshairs and sets Miami’s front office for a complete redo of the Drew Brees scenario. Do they risk it on a smaller QB coming off a significant injury...
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    Tua Tagovailoa Suffers Serious Hip Injury

    Wasn’t sure where to discuss this, whether it be the NFL forum or this forum, however it probably warrants its own thread. Tua suffered a hip dislocation and fracture this afternoon versus Mississippi State at the end of the first half. Initial reports were that the injury had the potential to...
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    2019 Dolphins: Can’t Even Tank Right

    Dolphins expected to announce Patriots DC Brian Flores as their head coach today. Coming into the offseason, I wanted Miami to retain Gase, then I favored Kris Richard. Flores seemed like a relative unknown, a guy that didn’t seem like he was ready to be a head coach after one season of being...
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    2018 Dolphins: Back to Gasics

    Wanted to start the new Fins thread. Free agency is on the horizon followed by the draft. Jarvis Landry is Miami’s biggest question mark heading into free agency. I personally think they either franchise tag him or let him walk. I think they’re too far apart on a long term deal, and I don’t...
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    Aaron Hernandez: Had Advanced CTE - NEP Sued

    Aaron Hernandez found dead in his cell this morning.
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    2017 Dolphins: On the Right Track

    Mario Williams, Branden Albert, Earl Mitchell, and Ifo Ekpre-Olomu all cut today by Miami, freeing up roughly 20 million in cap space.
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    Week 4 Gamethread

    Miami @ Cincy TNF. I'll give you a topic: Miami wearing orange in Cincinnati gives them a psychological advantage and generally confuses the home field fans. Discuss.
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    2016 Miami Dolphins: Amazing Gase

    Started a new thread for the upcoming season. By now we all know the major shakeups: Gase is in and he'll be calling the plays on offense. Vance Joseph is the DC. Clyde Christensen is the OC and has a lot of experience in the offense that Gase wants to implement. Gase held a presser at the...
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    2015 Dolphins: Fire the Lazor!

    Started a new thread.    Dolphins have been rumored to be looking at WRs quite a bit at the Senior Bowl, which may or may not bode well for the future of Mike Wallace. I personally feel like Wallace should be kept because Miami has enough holes to fill this offseason without creating another one...
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    Week 11 Game Thread

    Checking in for the huge game tonight.
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    Season on the Line: Dolphins vs Bills Preview   Would love some feedback on this article, especially from the Fins thread regulars.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket now available via PS3

    Sorry, I wasn't sure exactly which forum this should go in, but I literally just found out about this today, and immediately went home and subscribed. Basically, for 85.00 a month, for the 4 months of the football season, you can now stream Sunday Ticket on your PS3 without having to sign up for...