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  1. uncannymanny

    Horizontal scroll bar in iOS Safari

    Since upgrading to iOS 14, my Safari browser has been showing a horizontal scroll bar across the middle of the screen very often when browsing. There is nowhere to scroll as the pages are full width, and it shows up vertically centered, which is also bizarre. I moved from an XS to a 12 Pro a...
  2. uncannymanny

    iOS cursor issues

    Recently on iOS 13 when I’m typing a post the cursor seems to reset to previous places in the post if I’m breaking paragraphs or especially if I need to move it and edit. Is anyone else seeing this issue?
  3. uncannymanny

    Winston internet privacy thingamajig

    I use a VPN, but it’s frequently annoying (connection speed, is it on, etc). I’ve seen this crowdfunding campaign several times and wonder if anyone has opinions on it. The price is kind of steep, but if the protection is as advertised, it’s probably worth it over a VPN.
  4. uncannymanny

    Alex Bregman: 6 years, $100 million Seems light to me, but I’m sure someone will quickly prove me wrong.