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  1. trekfan55

    2022 NFL Rules Cluster****

    I would like more focus on offensive holding. There is a Twitter hashtag #BOSAWASHELD that shows flagrant examples of non calls. I'm sure there are more examples than this one.
  2. trekfan55

    8/3 at Astors 2:10 EDT

    It always does. Guess I'll find something to take my mind off things tonight.
  3. trekfan55

    8/3 at Astors 2:10 EDT

    No hitter averted, Tuning out. I needed something to get me in a good mood today. It is the one (hebrew) year commemoration of my father's passing. Tough night today and day tomorrow ahead. Guess the Sox is not it.
  4. trekfan55

    Vin Scully has passed away

    Holy crap that got me in the stomach. He lived a full life and all but it still hurts.
  5. trekfan55

    8/2 at Astors 8:10 ET

    3 in a row!
  6. trekfan55

    Roster building in baseball: Winning moves are usually not recognized when they happen

    I need to pull this from your post too. The Sox quickly demoted Melancon after he had a bad few games, then traded him. He has gone on to build a very good career.
  7. trekfan55

    Angels: Mike Trout is dealing with a rare back condition (costovertebral dysfunction at T5.”)

    While reading the numbers may sound crazy it may just be the answer. If instead of paying Player X $400MM/10 years they pay $400/6 years that yields an average of 66.6MM per year. Sounds all kinds of crazy but then teams can amortize the contract and at the end of the day do not end up paying...
  8. trekfan55

    7/26/22 vs Cleveland - TBD vs Winckowski

    and yet I want to see it. I hope I can find the video either on mlbtv (archive of the game) or on Youtube.
  9. trekfan55

    Chris Sale aiming to return

    Added numbers To #1. If they plan to use him on 2023 (and well they should) then the roster spot is not "wasted" At some point Pedroia's spot was "wasted" but maybe there was no real Rule 5 crunch then. To #2. I agree that no injury is the guy's fault per se. Unless of course he does...
  10. trekfan55

    Chris Sale aiming to return

    Wait, so the opt out is better for the team? Sorry could not resist. In all serousness, Having Sale and Eovaldi back meant a lot for the Sox heading into the All Star Break, They are handling the dreaded part of the schedule horribly but still have a fighting chance. This deal is turning...
  11. trekfan55

    Juan Soto is on the trade block; rejects $440 million contract extension from Washington

    The advantage of hitting free agency that young is that at least the player is getting paid for prime production years. Signing to Soto for 15 years will surely mean some years of lean production. That will always happen and the only fix will be to pay the players their money at an earlier...
  12. trekfan55

    Home Run Derby/All Star Game thread

    Babe Ruth Lou Gherig Whitey Ford Joe Dimaggio Mickey Mantle Mariano Rivera Yet Jeter is the greatest (or one of the greatest) Yankees? I hate te Yankees with a passion. But they have produced an incredible array of the greatest players. And I hate Jeter, especially because if the way they...
  13. trekfan55

    July MLB Game Thread (part 2)

    Wait, no one got tossed over that call?
  14. trekfan55

    New NFL TV Deal

    I know, I mean I am not sure I would use it year round (because it's a one tome charge).
  15. trekfan55

    New NFL TV Deal

    My local cable compnay has includes NFL Red Zone. I am not sure I would pay for Sunday Ticket year round. We like to sit down and watch Sunday Ticket all Sunday long (put certain games on the Ipad/PC)
  16. trekfan55

    Charlie Montoyo out as Jays manager

    We have seen 3 in season firings early on. And Tony Larussa still has a job.
  17. trekfan55

    711 .-.. . - .----. ... / --. --- / - --- / - .... . / - .-. --- .--.

    No argument here. But the guy was beasting AAA Adding Yandy Diaz to the leadpipe list.