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  1. JShams

    2/16 - Watertown Drinking Club v. Pistons

    Ok everyone, we’ve come a long way. Our livers are hurting; our heads are aching, but we’re one game away from a break and temporary sobriety. Don’t let the team down now. Finish strong.
  2. JShams

    2/15 - Watertown Drinking Club @ 76ers

    Only two more games until we get to de-tox for the All-Star Break. Keep drinking unless you want the Celtics to lose.
  3. JShams

    2/13 - Watertown Drinking Club v. Hawks

    No excuses today. Everyone should already be drinking. Let’s get it going.
  4. JShams

    2/11 - Watertown Drinking Club v. Nuggets

    No excuses for the drinkers tonight. It’s Friday, the weather doesn’t suck, there’s an old friend back in town and a new guy who needs to be shown a good time.
  5. JShams

    2/8 - Watertown Drinking Club @ Nets

    Stuck in all day meetings, so getting this thread up while I can, but going with co workers afterwards. Last time I was out with my team the night ended with tequila shots, so I’ll be keeping the drinking Armenian theme going tonight.
  6. JShams

    2/6 Watertown Drinking Club @ Orlando

    After everyone decompresses from an intense Pro Bowl we can get together for another Celtics game against a fearsome eastern conference foe. I’ll be drinking. I’ll be eating leftover Shish kebab. You should be doing this too. Unless you want the Celtics to lose.
  7. JShams

    2/4 Watertown Drinking Club @ Pistons

    If you thought we were dropping the drinking Armenian theme, you thought wrong. This is exactly the type of game where the 21-22 Celtics trip on their collective dicks and blow what should be a win. Not tonight. Today is my father’s 95th birthday. Are the Celtics going to blow the Armenian...
  8. JShams

    2/2 - Watertown Drinking Club v. Hornets

    Time to test whether this “winning streak” has any legs. Let’s beat a non G League roster tonight. Win tonight and everyone gets a coupon for a free kabob at the summer picnic at St. Sahag in Providence.
  9. JShams

    1/31 - Watertown Drinking Club v. Heat

    I don’t have time for the long story I wanted to share to kick off this game thread, because for some reason school was cancelled. So I’m stuck trying to work and manage my kids. This does guarantee that I’ll be drinking well ahead of game time though. Hopefully I don’t pass out before tip off...
  10. JShams

    1/29 Armenians Don’t Quit

    So HRB kind of let us down last night, but I’m not going to let that define the Armenian drinking community. I’m making Bloody Mary’s right now and I’m planning to be blind drunk by tip off. Just like my one trip to New Orleans where I left voicemail on my friend, and then co-worker’s @beezer...