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  1. Plantiers Wart

    2022 PGA Tour

    Someone who needs only the PGA for the career slam, or someone really tied to a teaching pro - a kid, etc....
  2. Plantiers Wart

    2022 PGA Tour

    He's not a member of the Tour yet, so what jurisdiction do they have over him?
  3. Plantiers Wart

    2022 Horse Racing Thread -

    Derby tomorrow......Lots of really good horses. Tons of buzz about Crown Pride, from Japan looking absolutely amazing since Wednesday. Need to look into this all a bit further before hitting the window. But Giddy Up
  4. Plantiers Wart

    Jay Wright is retiring

    What about a farewell tour?
  5. Plantiers Wart

    SoSH Golf, 2022

    Congrats. That’s awesome. First time I broke 90 I shot an 84 in a tournament where I was playing as an18 handicap. I was a guest and was ostracized as some sandbagger. But can’t take that away from me….. Broke 80 by shooting a 78 right after covid lockdown when all you could do was golf.
  6. Plantiers Wart

    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    Football’s coming’ home
  7. Plantiers Wart

    2022 World Cup Draw Gamethread

    So the one hour free Fox viewing will miss the actual draw itself?
  8. Plantiers Wart

    UConn back to Big East?

    Crowd is incredible. Great yo be back
  9. Plantiers Wart

    I love the smell of burning oil in the morning - The Formula 1 2022 season

    Yes, his father is part owner. He is worth $950 million, and is recognized as an "oligarch". So I assume the sanctions hit him hard. But if daddy can't pony up the money, Nikita is not getting a seat.
  10. Plantiers Wart

    The Mainboard MLB Lockout Thread

    Making up the games proposal is three doubleheaders and adding one 3 game series onto the end of the season.
  11. Plantiers Wart

    The Ringer

    Jeff Jacobs. Former Courant columnist now working for Hearst papers on CT Shoreline. And yes, a dick.
  12. Plantiers Wart

    Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski to retire after this coming season,

    The pressure on his young team is incredible. I don’t see them getting past the first weekend of the tourney. Especially when they miraculously get placed in the Chicago region. Obviously the farewell tour means more to K than a sixth title.
  13. Plantiers Wart

    2022 Fits

    That one didn’t age well. Baylor’s Tyquan Thornton just set a new record with a 4.21. Looks like a fast track in Indy tonight
  14. Plantiers Wart

    2022 Fits

    Ohio State WR Chris Olave just ran a 4.26 40 at the Combine. Tied for third fastest ever behind Ross and Chris Johnson.
  15. Plantiers Wart

    UConn back to Big East?

    He did. But then took a detour and snuck into the student section behind the hoop.
  16. Plantiers Wart

    Build a team with initials

    C - Marcus Camby F - Michael Cage F - Michael Cooper G - Maurice Cheeks G - Mike Conley Bench - Mel Counts Marty Conlon Mack Calvin Marquese Chris Coach - M.L. Carr Backcourt is small......
  17. Plantiers Wart

    Tyler Skaggs passes away

    Kay did not profit from getting Skaggs the drugs. 20 year minimum seems ridiculous.