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  1. Otto

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Correct. There are lots of reasons why all 32 teams send scouts to pro days all over the country (or even head coaches, coordinators, and GMs) and their entire coaching staff and personnel department to the NFL combine every year - and one of those reasons is that they can watch players go...
  2. Otto

    Pats Draft: UDFA Thread

    There are lots of different takes on this. I always start with: (1) who called (scouting assistant, director of college scouting, position coach, etc.); and (2) what did he say (about competition, number of guys at the position, what vets are they hoping to replace, etc.)? Those two things...
  3. Otto

    Pats QB Options

    Sort of. A vested veteran who is on the 53 man roster for the first game of the season and is cut at some point after that is eligible to make a claim for termination pay (equal to the rest of the season salary). It is not the same as a guarantee because a player can collect termination pay...
  4. Otto

    Sexual assault lawsuit filed against QB DeShaun Watson

    For whatever this is worth, every established NFL veteran works out at a specialized training facility in the offseason - some spend more of their offseason doing that than others, of course. Those places have position coaches, speed coaches, strength coaches, chiropractors, athletic trainers...
  5. Otto

    Pats sign WR Nelson Agholor

    Yes, and the players are willing to do it (in theory) because the non-guaranteed/increased base in year 2 comes at a time that the cap will go up and teams will be spending more - so that isn't just a dummy year if the player could easily replace it in the market. Caveat: I haven't seen...
  6. Otto

    Building a new mid-level gaming PC

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my dumb questions. I really appreciate it!
  7. Otto

    Building a new mid-level gaming PC

    As a fellow non-techie, I'd say its basically a hybrid of laptop and desktop - Dell calls it an all-in-one, because it sits on a desk but doesn't have a separate box on the floor. Which now that I type that, makes me think that upgrading is not going to be possible.
  8. Otto

    Building a new mid-level gaming PC

    At the risk of asking some really stupid questions, here goes: I'm not a gamer and never have been. Even with basic computing needs (i.e., for work), I don't really know what I'm talking about. I have a home office (that I use even more than usual during COVID) with what is probably a...
  9. Otto

    AB Watch II: Quarantonio Brown

    They settle and account for cap hits on smaller things - like injury grievances or daily fines for guys who don't report. Those are comparatively boring and don't get much attention, so this will be viewed differently, but the concept exists. I've negotiated lots of them.
  10. Otto

    [LOCKED] 2019 AB Watch: Non-legal Views Only

    Just to add on to PKB's post above: every agent can get every team's updated "available cap space report" with a few clicks on the NFLPA's website.
  11. Otto

    2019 Pats: General Training Camp Thread

    This isn't universal, but I would say most rookies and other first year players have a different perspective than that. Most of those guys who weren't round 1-4 draft picks are still there at the end because there is someone on the staff - a position coach - who is in their corner. The guy we...
  12. Otto

    2019 Pats: General Training Camp Thread

    For final cut down day, most teams are pretty much the same. The veterans get called in to the facility first. They get the message ahead of time, usually through a courtesy call to the agent, then they turn in their stuff and get a quick meeting with the decision makers. The rookies and...
  13. Otto

    72 Suburbs in Search of a City: Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers

    If we're assuming wink/nod deals involving LeBron's money, isn't the easiest way to compensate AD for waiving his trade kicker for his agent to reduce his fees by some amount over the next few years? If AD has something like 10 years of max contract salaries in his future, that's easy; no one...
  14. Otto

    Ron Borges gets catfished, kisses career goodbye (we hope)

    This is what sticks out to me. Yee has been Brady's agent for almost 20 years, but a guy who writes about the Patriots doesn't have him in his contacts or know what he sounds like (hint: he doesn't sound like "Nick from Boston")? Just one example among many: every nominally engaged NFL writer...
  15. Otto

    Arrests in Major NCAA College Basketball Probe

    I don't disagree. I'm saying something slightly different, which is that the basketball problem has been particularly difficult to police (to date - which is why this case will be really interesting to follow) because otherwise legitimate enterprises (sneaker companies) fund the violations...
  16. Otto

    Arrests in Major NCAA College Basketball Probe

    I agree with the general concept, but I disagree that football players and basketball players have the same things. The basketball player comes up the ranks of his AAU club in an established structure, whereby Sneaker Brand A is paying for their uniforms, their new court, and lining the...
  17. Otto

    Arrests in Major NCAA College Basketball Probe

    The sneaker companies have set up a well oiled, dirty machine. They fund the AAU programs, pay the AAU guys, fund the $ to get those players to the universities they have deals with, and then are first in line for the players who become NBA draft picks to sign endorsement agreements. And then...
  18. Otto

    2017 Butler Watch: Love Me Tender

    There's a rule, and it was changed in the current CBA (i.e., since the Welker trade). The most recent change (bolded/italicized) adds a clumsy trade provision (player must sign new contract prior to being traded, which is cap ignorant; or player must sign the tender and then be traded, which...
  19. Otto

    Gillislee is a Patriot

    Of course, I can't resist a CBA question. The player has no incentive to renegotiate with his original club if they match, because Article 13 of the CBA says that, even though the the first renegotiation of a Veteran Player Contract may take place at any time, the contract of a Veteran Player...
  20. Otto

    2017 Butler Watch: Love Me Tender

    Even if Butler gets a new contract, it won't be that complicated. I don't know this particular agent so this is a general statement only, but its not like Agent A can't figure out how to get "that" contract structured but Agent B can. In a situation like this, if an agent change is quickly...