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  1. Five Cent Head

    Database advice

    I am looking for database advice. I am generally comfortable with computers but a complete novice with databases. The setup: We have a collection of data currently maintained as several spreadsheets, and data entry often requires entering the same information into several different...
  2. Five Cent Head

    Anyone know anything about wireless microphones?

    I'm looking for a wireless microphone system, probably the headset variety, for occasional use. My spouse and I give dance lessons every now and then, and so we would want one that can handle two headsets. I know nothing about these. Since we won't be using the system that frequently, I don't...
  3. Five Cent Head

    Backup advice

    I'm looking for advice for how to backup our household's computers. We have four or five computers in the house, and if we do full backups of everything, it adds up to a bit over 1 TB. The machines happen to be macs, in case that matters. Right now we use an (old) Apple Time Capsule, but it just...
  4. Five Cent Head

    "I plan to be a great mathematician"

    See this article (PDF). I hope this doesn't mean I have to start rooting for the Ravens.