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    Renaming NBA Franchises

    Cross posting from the Oakland A's thread. This has always bothered me. Charlotte recently reclaimed Hornets, as it was specific to the city. That righted one wrong. New Orleans Pelicans : Should be New Orleans Jazz Utah Jazz: Should have changed the name. Makes zero sense. Change it to Salt...
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    11/1/21 Enough of this Bulls***

    Time to put one in the win column and start making key shots. In honor of All Saints Day, here's Bird dropping 40 on Chicago. View:
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    Thank you 2021 Red Sox

    After getting swept by the Orioles in the first series of the year, I was afraid we weren't going to have meaningful baseball this year. This team overachieved and got to within 2 wins of the World Series Things ended in disappointing fashion, but I'm very grateful for the past couple of weeks...
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    Jayson Tatum 2021-22: Leap Year

    Is this the year Tatum makes 'the leap' and pushes closer to the Top 5 discussion? Most sites seem to have him in the 12-15 range entering the season. It will be interesting to see how the team does, but I'm most looking forward to seeing Tatum this season. Last year he suffered some setbacks...
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    Divisional Round Predictions

    Who is going to advance to the conference championships this weekend? I know we have an overall playoff prediction thread, but this will give a chance at redemption for those that chose loser franchises like the Steelers :)
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    Watson Watch? 2021 Houston Caserios

    Figure this is worth tracking, both Caserio's moves and DeShawn Watson's unhappiness with the franchise. Hard to believe that the Patriots would be an option if Watson wants out, both for the optics and the lack of assets. However, the QB carousel that might ensue may open up an opportunity to...
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    Patriots New Uniforms

    So, the Patriots will be unveiling new uniforms on Monday. View: I thought we could get it out of the way and talk about how much we hate them.
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    Red Sox Greatest Hits

    Doesn't have to be the most important, what are some of your favorite Red Sox hits you experienced in your fandom? This one will always be my favorite. Just when it seemed like the Red Sox fortunes were going to go the way they usually do, Ortiz steps up and silences New York View...
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    Late 90's 'What If? '

    I randomly had this pop into my head today. Let's say the Celtics chose Kobe instead of Antoine Walker in 1996. 1997 and 1998 drafts happen just as they did. What would this team (roughly) have been able to do around the turn of the century? Kobe Pierce Billups Bowen Battie Vitaly McCarty...
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    2019 Season Goats and Game Balls

    Taking the season as a whole, who were the people most responsible for the successes and failures of the team?
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    2020 TB12: The Decision 2020

    Since it's being discussed, let's give it a poll.
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    Should the Red Sox Look into Punto Pt. 2?

    Since the hot stove has been on the chilly side in Boston, here's my question : Should the Red Sox consider trading Betts and Price to the Dodgers? The Dodgers have been bridesmaids in the postseason for quite a while. The big name free agents are off the board. There's no one left that could...
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    Stanley Cup Predictions

    After a long layoff, playoff hockey returns. Bonus if you get the Conn Smythe winner,
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    What's going to happen at #32?

    Bonus points if post the correct player
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    What the Celtics can and can't do this offseason

    There's a lot of confusion about what the Celtics can and can't do this offseason. The rules are very complex and there's a lot of misinformation out there. I'll update the OP with answers once we get a consensus. 1. If the Celtics trade for Anthony Davis what deals seem most likely? 2. Can...
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    What will we be talking about Monday morning?

    Super Bowls are so unpredictable. Who could have guessed Malcolm Butler would be among the main topics of discussion the day after SB XLIX? I've been thinking about what might be the main talking points on Monday morning . 1. Tom MFing Brady and BB get #6 2. Brian Flores. I think he comes up...
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    Should the NL Be Required to Adopt the DH?

    One of the stupidest things in sports is having two sets of rules for separate leagues particularly when a championship is on the line Baseball has had nearly half a century to figure this out. Once interleague play was introduced it should have been settled but here we are. I'm strongly in...
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    Lineup in NL Park for WS

    Cora has some decisions to make when it comes to losing the DH in the World Series (which is one of the most ridiculous things in all of sports, but I'll save that rant). With Bradley coming up big in the ALCS, is he still the prime candidate to sit? In the second half, the Red Sox played in NL...
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    Craig Kimbrel: Dominant Closer

    Kimbrel's turn from dominator to the Irish Slocumb has been causing cardiac stress around New England over the past couple of weeks. I'm officially worried after last night. I kept thinking he just needed to settle down and all would be well. He was badly missing last night. As pointed out in...
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    Foldable Phones Are Coming

    With the development of flexible screens, several phone manufacturers are taking a crack at making a foldable phone. Samsung was leading the charge, with the Galaxy F, but Huawei just announced they are going to be releasing one as well. The cost is going to be as high as $2K. There are...