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  1. Koufax

    Big Baby Davis

    Big Baby Davis violated his parole conditions when he attended the Celtics - Nets game. Sorry, I can't post a link, but his attorney admitted as much in a court filing.
  2. Koufax

    Where to watch Pats-Bills in Santa Monica

    I'll be on the West Coast. Any recommendations of a place to go to watch the game? (I assume this is a national broadcast).
  3. Koufax

    If Someone comes, who goes?

    Without any knowledge of who that buyout candidate might be, who would be the first player on the chopping block to make room for this guy? Folks figured Luke Kornet would be the first to go, but after the performance against the Thunder, I don't know if that's an easy call. So who get led out...
  4. Koufax

    Maine Red Claws Season Cancelled

    The G league has moved to a bubble in Florida and the Celtics have opted out.
  5. Koufax

    Kemba Walker Injury

    It looked pretty gruesome as they carted him off the court. Reports later than night suggest that his injury might not be that serious. Get well quickly, Kemba. Medical reports and opinions welcome here.
  6. Koufax

    Petey chasing a mirage?

    According to ESPN, Dustin Pedroia is hoping to return next year after playing in just nine games during the past two seasons because of his injured left knee. "Every indication I've gotten is that he's feeling good and intending on playing," Chaim Bloom, Boston's new chief baseball officer...
  7. Koufax

    What is Danny's Best Move After the Trade with Brooklyn?

    Its really hard to choose, but for me the answer is the swap with Philadelphia and the draft of Jayson Tatum. I believe that Jason's best comp right now is Paul Pierce but he might be better and ascend into Larry Bird territory. Getting another first round draft pick as part of the package is...
  8. Koufax

    Xfinity sound quality

    I have Xfinity and find the sound quality so mushy that dialogue, particularly if in a foreign accent, is indecipherable. I thought that it was the speaker in the TV, so I connected the sound out of the TV to an amplifier that feeds perfectly adequate bookshelf speakers. Still the voices are...
  9. Koufax

    maine red claws trade for anthony bennett

    the no. 1 overall draft pick in 2013 is expected to be in uniform on Sunday. What a world.
  10. Koufax

    All Hail the GE Celtics!

    I was astonished to see the GE logo on the Celtics uniforms last night. I guess I didn't get the memo. Is this a thing now in the NBA? Will I ever get over it, like I've gotten over adds on the Green Monster? I found it offensive, but maybe I'm just cranky. What do you think of your new...
  11. Koufax

    Tzu-Wei Lin

    Well I tried this two years ago and posted a completely inaccurate summary of his year-to-date, so I'll stick to a couple of actual facts this time (with apologies for my butchered attempt in 2015). Mr. Lin is currently in Portland, where his OPS is .982. He's repeating at Portland, where his...
  12. Koufax

    Bobby Dalbec

    This 21 year-old 3B prospect starred as a two-way player at Arizona, including a stand-out performance in the 2016 College World Series as a starting pitcher. He prefers to play third base, and gave up pitching when he played for Lowell last year, where he posted an OPS of 1.104 based upon a...
  13. Koufax

    Jaylen Brown - underrated?

    Watching Jaylen Brown play, I find myself saying, "Meh". Athletic yes, but does he really contribute? Having very little sense of how rookies are supposed to fit into the NBA these days, I did a little research using statistics I frankly don't understand and that are probably ill-suited to the...
  14. Koufax

    Is there a simple way to copy programs from DVR to USB ?

    My home system is Comcast Xfinity using a Comcast-branded DVR with a label on the front that say XG1-A. I'm interested in being able to record a program, copy it onto a USB stick and watch it on a TV that would go in a garage that is not wired for cable. It is too far away from our router...
  15. Koufax

    resetting a iPhone to factory settings remotely

    My son moved to California taking with him his iPhone 6 and leaving in his wake an old iPhone 5 with a cracked screen. My wife, meanwhile, was using an antiquated dumb phone. So I had the cracked screen repaired and have swapped out her old phone on my account and inserted the iPhone 5 in its...
  16. Koufax

    Ben Taylor

    Pitched 4 innings for Salem tonight and got 10 strikeouts, giving up only two hits. WHIP this season of 0.95. As a 23-year old in the Carolina League he's not a top prospect, but tonight's performance deserves a mention.
  17. Koufax

    Hey, there are two more first round picks to ponder

    We worried all year about Dallas and its pick, which is number 16. Boston's home-grown pick is 23. This is the place to contemplate who the Celtics might pick up, assuming that the picks aren't traded away. In a different year, having nos. 16 and 23 would be something to be excited about...
  18. Koufax

    Roster turnover for 2016-17

    The Celtics have 8 draft picks and it is possible that Danny won't be able to deal many of them. Meanwhile their current roster includes three free agents (Turner, Zeller and Sullinger) and 6 players to whom the team is committed for only one more year (Amir, Marcus, Sullinger, Olynyk, Rozier...
  19. Koufax

    2017 Golf Thread

    I've played golf in Plymouth and Buzzards Bay 3 times in January. While the recent snowstorm has put that on hold for a while, there may be a warming trend that will melt the snow within a week and Accuweather (for what it's worth) is predicting a high in the 50s on February 3. If anyone else...
  20. Koufax

    Tzu-Wei Lin

    Tzu-Wei was demoted from AA to high A this year and the change of scenery seems to have done his some good. His OPS was .574 in Portland and it is .698 in Salem.  He's not setting the world on fire but he's making steady progress, having move up a level each year since he was signed. He...