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  1. mwonow

    Jam Kazam (media) PC

    Does anyone here have experience with Jam Kazam? It's a finicky app that enables physically-dispersed musicians to jam together. Internet latency, I/O, and an external mic are necessary, and memory is important; everything else is pretty optional, as the app doesn't need a lot of storage or...
  2. mwonow

    The All-New 2022 Pats Draft Contest!

    Another year...another Easter...the Draft Contest rises again! With @SMU_Sox's guidance, the contest has been streamlined: 1 point for each correctly-predicted draft pick or UDFA signed within 72 hours of the Mr. Irrelvant pick. $50 to the Jimmy Fund in the name of the contest winner. In the...
  3. mwonow


    ESPN - which is rapidly rising in my personal antipathy list as "having no clue what is happening in NE" - released a ranked list of teams based on U-25 talent. If you want to skip the click-through, the Pats rank 30th. Mac Jones and Michael Owenwu as "blue chippers." Damien Harris, Jacobi...
  4. mwonow

    New & Improved: The 2021 Pats Draft Contest!

    Hey, draftniks – it’s that time again! And this time, @SMU_Sox has helped define a better-than-before draft contest approach, one that plays out in two parts. As in past years, you get to pick 20 players for the Pats. Please submit these as last name, first name, position, school. There aren’t...
  5. mwonow

    2020 Pats: NEW CONTEST! Which Newcomers Will Have the Biggest Impact?

    WHen @SMU_Sox and I were setting up the draft contest, we had a follow-on in mind. And now that the season has finally begun, it's time! The Pats roster currently lists 15 newcomers, 10 rookies and five vets. Which of these guys will have the most impact in 2020? Please list the top five...
  6. mwonow

    Draft contest!!!

    Hey folks - sorry, I'm very late with this. Whadda mean, it's Thursday! Thanks to SMU Sox for waking me from my SIP slumber... For anyone who wants to play, scoring is just like previous years: three points for each player selected by the Pats in the first three rounds - 4 for round 4, 5 for...
  7. mwonow

    2019 BB: Always in Playoff Form

    New year, new thread for BB! I loved today's press conference (and actually, I love that transcripts are a feature of Check out the sequence of five questions on Casserio about 1/3 of the way down (and who asks this crap, anyway?). As a bonus, he's asked: Q: What are your...
  8. mwonow

    New and Improved: The 2019 Draft Contest!

    Hey folks! We're approaching another draft, and that means...time to try our annual 'think along with Bill' game! This year's contest is (as per the title) both new and improved. On the 'new' side, please join me in welcoming SMU_Sox as co-host of the contest! And with SMU's $100 comes a new...
  9. mwonow

    Asked and...

    Has 'Ask PFW' been banished from It's supposed to be weekly, but I don't see anything after Feb 26. And that was a Scalavino "piece" - that's would be an unfortunate end for a good Pats column.
  10. mwonow

    ESPN Boston gone?

    My default for ESPN is - but today, the link doesn't resolve, even though is fine. Does anyone know if they killed /boston?
  11. mwonow

    2018 Belichick Breakdowns

    Everybody's favorite feature: key plays from a Pats win! Lots of red zone
  12. mwonow

    The All New 2018 Pats Draft Contest!

    Nine days until the draft, and...I'm feeling a need to demonstrate that I'm out of my depth when I try to 'think along with Bill.' Anyone else feel like prognosticating? Unlike last year, when the Pats had no 1 or 2, they now (at least as of today) have 2 1s, 2 2s, and a bunch of other picks -...
  13. mwonow

    Question on win probability

    This may not be the right place for this question, but I can't think of where else to ask it. In Sunday's Gray Cup game, Calgary led Toronto by 8 (24-16) with 5 minutes left, and were driving for another touchdown to clinch the game. Calgary completes a pass, but the receiver fumbles on the 1...
  14. mwonow

    The East is wide open!

    This is a running joke on SoSH. And yet, here's what the standings look like as of now: Bills 3-1 Pats 2-2 Jets 2-2 Fins 1-2 (note - I'd paste a table from but I don't know how tables work any more. Please let me know how to find the new Tableizer!) History suggests that the Pats will...
  15. mwonow

    The New New 2017 Draft Contest!

    By popular demand (okay, I only got one email on it, but Pappymojo is popular, right?), it's back! Unlike last year, when the Pats had no 1, they now (at least as of today) have no 1 or 2. What does this mean? a) I'm highly unlikely to guess any of the draft picks correctly, and b) someone else...
  16. mwonow

    First annual Pats Playoff Dominance predictions thread

    Riffing off a recent back-and-forth in another's a chance to show off your skills as a playoff prognosticator and do the Jimmy Fund a solid at the same time. It works like this. Predict the total point differential (positive or negative) for the Pats in this year's playoffs. You...
  17. mwonow

    Living on the Fringe: Pats Practice Squad

    I didn't see anything about the practice squad, and new threads are good, so... Withthe signing of Vinny Sunseri and Mike Hilton (ex-Jacksonville), the Pats have a full practice squad roster. As of now, here is the full complement of 10:
  18. mwonow

    Summertime storylines

    "This town...ain't nothing but a ghost town..." Slow days on BBtL, with nothing happening in football. But I need something to read here! So...question for any of you who are reading this. What story line are you a) hoping to see in training camp, that b) has an actual impact on the team during...
  19. mwonow

    The all new 2016 Draft contest! (Please reformat your submission)

    Like everyone here, I'm pissed about the first round...but there's still a draft, the Pats will be making picks, and it's time to offer an opportunity for bragging rights to a SoSHer, and some dough to a charity.'s the contest for 2016. You get to name 20 players who you think the...
  20. mwonow

    Pats get Kearse!

    Frank Kearse, backup DL, recently of the Washingtons...