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  1. PLagosi

    Formula 1 - 2021 - Chasing down Lewis?

    Masi replaced as F1 race Director
  2. PLagosi

    5/31- Game 2 Islanders @ Bruins

    Will Miller actually play in this series? Asking for a friend
  3. PLagosi

    Formula 1 - 2021 - Chasing down Lewis?

    Norris deserves a big shoutout for holding off Checo. Sainz shows he deserves the Ferrari spot. Max is tough and right now neck and neck with Ham. I have never seen a team not get a wheel off. Merc has issues.
  4. PLagosi

    Formula 1 - 2021 - Chasing down Lewis?

    I thought Perez ran an admirable race, after starting at the pit and reaching P5. Red Bull should or will have two guys chasing the Merc boys. Hamilton had the tyre disadvantage late, yet held on, even after Max's unfortunate leave of the track on turn 4. Max said in post race that the Mercs...
  5. PLagosi

    Jose Melendez's KEYS TO GAME 7

    Thank you ever so much for the Keys, Mr Jose. As a devout reader of your 2004 tome, it was almost illumining to observe the day-to-day relevance of Sox mojo, the complete relief of juvenile tension and angst, the unmatched joy of discovery you unleashed with our Sox Nation fever. You have my...
  6. PLagosi

    Game 5 - Bruins v. CBJ

    Okay. One thing- the B's hit the post three or even four times in the third period on tuesday night. The puck went in a lot thursday night at home. Law of averages says B's fill the net five times tonight. Jackets fans will be devastated for game six. Bruins know Pasta is best cooked when fed by...
  7. PLagosi

    NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Game Thread

    I have seen too many college games with garbage reffing. It impacts the college game twice as much as pros; if you even look at the refs they just smirk it off.
  8. PLagosi

    Rafael Devers- past, present and future

    Rafa may have the yips on certain throws at the hot corner, but you got to get that bat in the line-up against any pitcher in the playoffs. Kid can run into a few balls that may prove pivotal in any game. Replace him with the glovemen like Holt or even Kinsler late or with a lead.
  9. PLagosi

    A Last Game of Catch

    Thank you Shaun for the baseball writing skills that bring back such thick memories of our favorite pastime. We grew up in Seymour ,CT, with my dad listening to the Sox on the radio in the mid to late fifties. He even took us to Fenway to see the laughable losers until the Impossible Dream team...
  10. PLagosi

    SB LI: Audio/Video/Pics Thread

    Dear BBtL people, I am so blown away by the videos, audios, articles about SB LI. This team has done the impossible, against all odds. For almost the last two weeks, every day i come to this site, to be uplifted and informed, humored, and enlightened- by fans of every color and description. For...
  11. PLagosi

    General Playoff Thread: The Long 2nd Season

    My perception of this series is that Lebron is quite whiny. Lots of players have been knocked to the ground. No fouls called. He knocks people over, no fouls called. They have been playing him tight. They were playing hero ball in the fourth quarter, and the refs were letting them play. No...
  12. PLagosi

    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    Say what you want about FF, today he ripped the Gingerhead a new one, calling his talk friday about the 'danger of a person on a couch equivalent to a football player's risk' ...disingenuous if not borderline 'shameful'. Love it … Now Commish, about those psi's we have talking about for 13...
  13. PLagosi

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Nip and everybody- love you guys and the site. been lurking since 2000, and the last year, being laid up a little without work- I did the incredible- read every post of the Mega thread, including the legal thread. Thanks from Queens, only eight miles from the Terlet.